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Swing Out, Sister

At this point, I think it’s clear that I’m a product of the 70s and one who loved thrived during the 80s British new wave music scene. I can’t help it. Sarawak is, after all, an ex-British colony. Not that any of that relates to my post save for the title, I’ll admit. But hey, it’s my party and I’ll swing out, if I wanna, sista GRIN that sounded wrong on every level, I know. In other news, these photographs were actually taken a little while ago and I somehow managed to forget they existed. Do you know, it’s the very first time I’m wearing a coat which isn’t Black. I’m loving it!!!


And yes, it’s a little challenging to wear shorter skirts and heels when my knees are still recovering from surgery but then again, vanity trumps sanity.


Incidentally, I’ve only just discovered a trick many a seasoned blogger has been leveraging on the longest time ever – the power of shades to not only hide tired eyes but also add some oomph to the facial expression. These are Chanel and in my fave John/Yoko shape.


This gorgeous Mustard Wool Coat is vintage and it’s positively perfect. A beautiful score from Sheree.


And I love my Jeffrey Campbell booties. That flap in the front is fully, well, flappable, so you actually get a 2-in-1 look going on here.


The necklace is vintage as well, from the Aladdin caves of of Atlantis Dry Goods, and I’m trying to decide if I should love it (still), or list it. The ring, a whimsical confection from Kate Spade, and the Leather Cuff is from Unearthed on Etsy.

Truthfully? I’m not feeling very inspired today so I shall leave you with these pictures and go outside, do something. Anything to rejuvenate this ole brain 🙂 what do you do when you feel like your brain is mush?

Love, Sheela

p/s Photo credits Eve


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