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I have so many fond memories of Chinese New Year, of celebrating it with my parents and my brother. With my friends. Hunting around for that perfect first day outfit. Collecting angpows (or hongboas) and tallying my loot at the end of each day. Eating sweets and dishes served only once a year such as Pineapple Tarts (recipe coming up), Cinnamon & 5 Spice Duck, Steamed Sultan Fish, and now I must stop because my tummy is growling.

Shhhh tummy.

Anyway anyway anyway, this is a quick post as I still have dinner to cook but I really wanted to share my Chinese New Year Make-up Look with you 🙂 traditionally, Red is worn on the first day to ward off evil and foster prosperity. Sheela? I always wore black with loads of accessories and strong make-up.


Make-up used is all Nyx save for the Mascara (more on that in a separate gushing post) and the Glittery Silver liner.


I realise this post is utterly uninspired but I promise things will revert back to BOOM BOOM POW soon.

Love, Sheela


      • I am too!! LOL LOL LOL I’m making more Malaysian and Sarawakian Chinese New Year treats since that’s where I’m from. Your mum?

      • Oh very nice ! My Mams from Hong Kong ! 🙂 shes making loads of dim sum and other traditional foods that I dont know the names of haha .. we only eat that stuff in Chinese Returants since we live in Ireland ! 🙂 x

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