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Mascara Mayhem

Yet another beauty post, you yawn? Yes, it’s the results of my mission to unearth the ultimate mascara and it’s mah partay so I’ll share it if I wanna GRIN

As anyone bequeathed with short, sparse lashes would attest, it’s a neverending quest for that magic wand. One to lift lashes to the highest of heights. That would defy gravity. One singular wand to conquer them all. Then there’s that teeny matter of preference. What I want a mascara to do may differ from what you want it do for your lashes. I’m in search of length while your priority might very well be volume. Personal needs aside, I believe I might have finally found my magic brushes (yes, plural) but allow me to first introduce the menage a trois I dallied with.


(from left to right) Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes.


I’m positively in love with this mascara. It does things for my lashes I never knew possible. I swear, it makes them defy gravity. Seriously. With just three coats, I had the longest lashes ever. My only quibbles are (1) it clumps; and (2) it’s not that big on creating volume. Oh oh and I do so wish it was waterproof. I sweat buckets (my man says I glisten from the other end of the gym) when I work out and if it’s not sweat-proof waterproof, I can’t take it anywhere with me.


First of all, it took me forever to get my hands on the Giorgio Armani. It sells out faster than I can type m-a-s-c-a-r-a. It took me three turns on the waitlist before I was finally able to get one for myself. Was it worth the wait? Ish. I appreciated the volume this mascara created for my lashes. And the uber smooth, clump-free application made for quite the heady experience. Plus, it’s waterproof. Hooray for waterproof.


I’ve heard many a thing about the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara. And you know what? Fans and groupies, I’m sorry but it’s all hype. This mascara did absolutely nothing for my lashes save to clump it and smudge my lids, and that peeved me so. Volume? Barely. Length? None. However, there is something to be said for how beautifully the brush made my lower lashes look.

So what’s a woman to do with three disparate wands? Use them all at once, of course.

Make-up artists swear by mixing and matching different brands when applying mascara, and they’re so right. I apply Too Faced Better Than Sex on my upper lashes and lengthen them all the way to my ancestors. Then I apply Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Die For over that to pump up the volume and wrap them up in waterproof love. Finally, the Colossal Cat Eyes go straight to my lower lashes, creating a Twiggy-like effect which I adore. Together, they create the perfect lashes I’ve been striving for. Insert sigh of bliss.


But for anyone who truly believes that the Too Faced is better than sex, well, maybe you need to rethink things, I’m just sayin’. And on that note, I bid you adieu for now as I prep for my next threesome featuring Diorshow, Tarte Gifted and Cover Girl LashBlast mascaras.

Love, Sheela

p/s I’m always on the lookout for miracle mascaras (and other beauty wonders) so if there’s a particular brand or product you’d like reviewed here on the blog, let me know? I’d be more than happy to shop in the name of, cough, research.


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