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Me In Jogger Pants? No!!!!

If there was one thing I never thought I’d see myself wearing, it would be Jogger Pants.  The glorified version of soccer mum sweatpants. Skinny sweatpants with tapered elastic bottoms (a quirky detail that gives even the most conservative of pant fabrics a little street-style edge) that have become a newfangled fashion statement. Popular beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, they’re practically everywhere these days. And today, they’re making a guest appearance on my body and my blog.


The pair I’m wearing right now is from Forever 21 because here’s my thought process: if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t have lost too much financially, yes? They’re fashioned from a Crêpe-like fabric with Faux Leather trims on waistline and cuffs which are, obviously, completely hidden. Ha. Epic photo failure, Sheela. Incidentally, my cardigan is completely covered with sequins on the front. I have a thing for shiny stuff.


The jaunty hat was a necessary touch. It really was because I really like hats.


I love love LOVE these Wedge Sneaker Boots. The Blue is electrifying and adds that touch of colour this outfit needed.


I suppose you could call them one half luxurious dress pants, one half uber-comfortable jogging pants. In summation, fancy sweatpants neither meant for the gym nor for ferrying the children to games and meets. No, my friend, these are killer with sufficient versatility to take the wearer from errands to meetings to tossing back a few.


Now this clutch is something else. It’s Lambskin with Sequins. A glorious juxtaposition between the smooth sensuality of leather with in-your-face sequins. It doesn’t get any better than this, I’m telling you. And how naughty are those tassels?


As it turns out, there are many advantages to owning jogger pants.  For one, they’re incredibly comfy, and as flattering as skinny jeans but without the thigh-suffocating factor. Think about it. Your ankles will thank you and, after lunch, so too your waistline. Secondly, they’re far more versatile than I gave them credit for prior to donning my own pair. Don’t be fooled by their seemingly sporty-esque vibe, they’re easily pepped up with heels and accessories, for instance.


With the trove of fabrics available, jogger pants come in a neverending parade of choices be it in terms of fabrics or prints, even lengths, making them the epitome of versatility. Heavier, thicker fabrics such as Leather or Knit exude street chic while lighter fabrics such as Jersey and Cotton lend themselves to downtown casual looks. All it takes is a little creativity to make jogger pants occasion-suitable.

What really does it for me, though, is the pricing. Prices run the gamut from $20 to $200 (and up). My pair cost $24 (bless you, Forever21). I mean, just $24, and the quality is rather good as well. By my estimations, I’d have achieved 100% ROI on them after just 3 wears and that, my friend, isn’t too shabby at all.

Are you on the jogger pant route? Me? I just purchased a second pair in Heather Grey Knit.

Love, Sheela

p/s all photos (save for the last) taken by Eve.


  1. I’ve always adored jogger pants – in fact, I don’t think I have enough! Love this look on you, and what do you know, electric blue is one of my favourite shades, too.


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