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Day & Night, Night & Day

So I had a new make-up look all ready to go (and I was really excited about this one, I tell you) but allergies decided to rear their ugly, bumpy heads and I’m left with some major breakout issues. Sigh. Since I’m not about to share how I look at this very moment (I realise it’s Friday the 13th but I’m not about to give you more food for the fright fodder), here’s something I came up with a few days back.

This look focuses on debunking the myth that a smokey eye is best reserved for after hours. And spotlights the fact that by simply changing lipsticks, one can effortlessly transition the look from day to play.

This is Day.


And this is Night.


Everything remains status quo and yet the mere switching of lippies makes a ginormous difference in the overall mood of the look.


For eyes and cheeks, I used The Balm’s Nude Palette and then it was Photo (MAC) for a delicate, romantic lip followed with Almost Black (Nyx) for a subtle but nonetheless glam feel. What do you think? What changes do you make to your day make-up when you’re prepping to let loose straight from work? I’d love to learn your tricks!!

Love, Sheela

Update: apparently it wasn’t a breakout but a serious allergic reaction to the antibiotics I’ve been taking for Acute Sinusitis. Apparently, I could’ve developed breathing problems and, you know, moved on. Oy. Lesson learned.

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