Day: 20 Mar, 2015


SXSW, huh. You know, I’ve never been to a music or film festival, ever? I’ve been wanting to from the time I arrived in the States five years ago. Since Austin is but a mere 2 hours away from Houston, one would expect the trip to have been made years ago. But no not yet. Perhaps 2016. I dug in as deep as I could to find whatever semblances of Kate Moss as well as Nicole Richie vibes within me that existed. Tossed some Stevie Nicks into the mix. And I’m festival ready. Have you been to SWSX? How was it?? Tell tell tell!!!! Love, Sheela p/s photo credits to Eve, all the clothes and jewellery are hers. Shoes and KRZA headwrap? Mine. Linking up with Fashion Friday, Friday’s Fab Favourites and The Fashion Canvas.