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Sheet Masks Are Taking Over

Fright Night, it might appear at first glance, but in truth,

a sheet mask is possibly your face’s latest (perhaps bestest) BFF.


Glorious contraptions of every permutation and formula, designed to offer immense treats for the face, in the name of hydrating, brightening, tightening, lifting, nourishing, purifying, and everything in between. No matter the skin condition, there’s certainly a sheet mask poised to address it.

Does that signal the death of the beauty salon industry? No, I doubt it but I do foresee a decline in the popularity stakes as many women, such as myself, grow increasingly appreciative of the benefits of applying sheet masks at home. Comfort. Privacy. Convenience. Practical.

Picture this. Experience spa quality treatment in between writing a blog post, in the quiet sanctuary of my space. Over and done with in half an hour, max. Not all of us are at ease stripping off make-up in the presence of others (read: me) nor can we invest vast amounts of time in pamper-me-time, on a regular basis. We’re all busy, busy, busy. Yes, some of that time is spent on Instagram (shhh), but that’s besides the point. We have jobs, some of us are parents, we all have loads of responsibilities. Long gone is the luxury of a 3-hour spa session. I hate to use this phrase , it’s so clichΓ©d, but in truth, we seek instant gratification. And it’s wonderful how the beauty industry has recognised this, and proffered tons of options.


Back to sheet masks. I adore crave them. I use one every single night (in fact, twice a day at the moment, due to the aftermath of angioedema) and my love is implicit. I can’t even recall how life was prior to implementing a skincare regime, to using sheet masks, and I don’t know how I have existed without them.

( insert sigh of bliss as a full-time working mother of three teenagers )

My stash of sheet masks includes SK-II (this is the primary, miracle-working item that will never ever not be in my holy grail of skincare products), which I typically use before bed every Sunday). I also use the Tatcha Deep Hydration Face Lifting Mask and Deep Hydration Revitalising Eye Mask once weekly. For the remaining days, I currently alternate between Kracie Hadabisei 3D Moisturising Mask; Kanebo Kracie Hydrating Black Mask; Kracie Hadabisei Whitening Mask; and Missha Time Revolution Essence Mask. It may sound excessive, I know, but worth every single drop. I swear, putting on a mask before bed has also helped with my chronic insomnia and you can’t peg a price tag on that.

Just what makes sheet masking so popular, so effective?

It. Actually. Works. The majority of skincare products evaporate before penetrating the skin (what an exercise in futility). Adding the damp sheet mask on top seals everything in, forcing antioxidants to flirt alongside nutrients, resulting in the smoothest, dewiest skin. Glowing from the inside. Plump and hydrated.

If’ you’ve never used a sheet mask, I highly recommend it. As in, if I knew where you lived, I’d drive there and take you to the nearest Sephora to buy some. That’s how much I recommend sheet masks. One key point to note, sheet masks DO NOT replace serums or deep cleansing (clay) masks. Ever. Be sure you don’t leave the latter two out of your regime.

So tell me, are you a fan yet?

Love, Sheela

p/s In addition to Sephora and Amazon, I stock up on masks from Glow Recipe, Soko Glam, W2Beauty (love Alice) and Meme Box. Where do you shop if you’re as infatuated with them?


  1. I have been dying to try the SK-II sheet mask for a minute and your love for it has me ready to get my credit card out and take the plunge. Great review!

    • Oh, you must!! And you must also absolutely tell me how the experience was for you πŸ™‚ thanks so much for visiting, Anastasia xoxo

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  3. cutestcouturecutie says

    So many of my friends have been using sheet masks forever ! It’s really popular in asia , they’re everywhere and everyone uses them ! (especially Korea) , it’s cool that the trend in catching on in the states as well ! (:


    • Yes, it is πŸ™‚ I’m from South East Asia, Borneo to be specific, and sheet masks were already riding the must-have waves back in the 80s for us. The concept of beauty has changed so much in the past 3 decades, but it’s finally settled on spotlighting sheet masks here in the States. That’s pretty epic, I agree. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article, Rei xo

  4. ahandfulofstories1 says

    Thank you for the tips! I actually stayed away from applying a sheet mask before bed because it is so refreshing, I’m afraid it would worsen my insomnia. Maybe I should reconsider my approach.

    • I find that because it is that refreshing, it’s immensely relaxing and calming. My insomnia is multi-pronged, i.e., difficulty falling and staying asleep, coupled with being a terribly light sleeper so 3 hours per night is a boon for me. Applying a sheet mask (or you could also use the Laneige leave-on water mask) an hour or so before bed just works wonders in terms of calming me down, putting me into a relaxed state, and allowing me to drift off quite easily. Do give it a shot and let me know if it helps? xo

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  10. I love sheet masks!! Although, I have not tried any that you have mentioned but will look into it when I next run out. I have been intrigued with the SK II mask.
    I buy masks at the Korean store or on My latest find is this Leaders Insolution mask ‘The Gold 24’ found here – The two part mask, makes my skin very happy! And its on sale at the moment if you’d like to experiment. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks SO much!!! I’ll definitely explore what you’ve suggested. How has it worked for you? Any tangible, visible differences?

      • Your very welcome! Skincare is my favorite topic so thanks for blogging about it. I have really dry skin, so hydration is my main skin concern. If I don’t hydrate well I get redness and my skin looks very dull. So far these masks have done a great job with that if I use it right before sleeping. It’s a two part mask, with a gold ampoule and a sheet. The sheet mask has a really nice texture, it is a thin hydro gel type mask.
        Another mask that I will swear by (not a sheet mask) is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. This does wonders for my skin! They have a new Laneige Firming Sleeping Mask – which I hear works even better, I still have to try that one. I usually by this at the Amore Pacific counters.

      • Yup, I use the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and it works wonders for someone with chronic insomnia like myself. For deep hydration, I would also recommend either the Missha Snail Cell Renewal Gel (slather on thickly and leave it overnight) or a drop or two of Caudalie Polyphenol Overnight Detox Oil with your regular night moisturiser. Manna for the skin.

  11. Isn’t it awesome? I love that product. Oh thanks so much for the recommendations! I shall look into them. I’ve heard good things about products with ‘snail’. Here is to happy skin! πŸ™‚

    • Snail Mucus is amazing. It’s part of what’s keeping my mid 40s complexion looking less like mid 40s skin πŸ™‚ I’ll be writing a post about my 10-12 step skincare regime this week, keep an eye out for it?

      • I will take your word for it and give the Missha snail cream a shot. Your skin looks great, so it must be working well :). I will look forward to your skincare regime post! I do try to regularly read about skincare regimes on blogs. Can’t wait!

  12. I got my hands on the snail slime goodies! And I LOVE it! The cream is amazing and it helped a lot of my ‘damaged’ and dry skin spots. I wake up with plump skin thanks to you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! <3

    • Wonderful!! πŸ™‚ I’ve been stocking up from as well and have continued to use sheet masks twice each day, and my skin is (literally) lapping it all up.

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