An Actual #OOTD Post

When it comes to putting together an outfit post, in the absence of Eureka moments, here’s my default sequence of events:-

> lay in bed the night before, mentally visualing outfits and trying to decide which accessories go with which, and generally working myself up to insomnia state

> after a few fitful hours of sleep, I am up around 5am, and I go reheat the coffee my man brewed for me last night,  sip it slowly while trying to remember the set of outfits I’d finally settled on (between 3 to 4 looks, these last for a week until the next weekend shoot)

> put on my Klorane Eye Patches to look as unpuffy as possible

> lay down on the couch and wait for my photographer to wake up, our shoots usually start around 10.45am or thereabouts

> put on an SK-II Mask around 9.30 to prep the face

> paint my face put on my make-up

> start shooting

Note that during this entire process, it’s very likely everything I’d planned flies straight out of the window because nothing looked right in real life.  That means mountains of garments strewn over the bed and the bedroom floor. Walking into my room is akin to navigating one’s way through a landmine.  And what eventually makes it to the blog is stuff I never dreamed of putting together, of wearing on a day-to-day basis. I’m a lazy dresser, I confess. And that brings me to today’s #ootd post. This is something I actually do wear regularlys, and because of that, I feel it’s legit 🙂


That Danger, Blogger At Work Shirt is da bomb, is it not? With safety pins holding up those rolled sleeves and the asymmetrical knot.  So 80s, so now. I’ve paired it with a dramatic pair of Denim & Jersey Leggings from BCBG. These are epic, I tell you, stretchy with ankle zippers and contrast panels creating an ever so svelte silhouette.


My Botkier On The Road Crossbody.  Love the unexpected touches of Orange just peeking through.


Accessories include the Poison Ivy Winter Garden Swarovski Crystal, Isabel Marant Braided Bracelet and Kate Spade Lucite Bangle.  I can’t remember where I bought the large Brown Horn Ring but, as you must know, I wear it all the time.


Jefferey Campbell booties also seen here. Camel and Brown Fedora from the wunderland known as Forever21.


I know, I’m actually using nail polish. Wonders will never cease.

What about you?  How do you plan your outfit shoots?  And since many work from home, do you actually wear that as your #ootd? I’d love to know how the land lies with you.

Love, Sheela

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24 Replies to “An Actual #OOTD Post”

  1. Hi Sheela, I am Ada. I found you on Laura’s link-up today. Cute casual look. That fedora hat is fantastic on you. I invite you to check out my blog as well.

    Thanks, Ada. =)


  2. Hi Sheela
    Love the ring, that is killer! The details are perfect on your outfit, the pants, love the colors of the top.. I was reading your routine..and at 5am I am just rolling over onto my left side as I clutch my little shih tzu Gibby and cuddle. Not much happens then.. but later in the day for me. I need to know the color of your lipstick ! Fab!!

    Thank you for participating in Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx


    1. It’s Underage Red from Kat Von D, Jess, I thought I’d ride on all that recent press flurry over the name GRIN I don’t sleep much, never have, and 5am is perfect for me to come alive quietly, cook lunch for the children to take to school, do all the boring mundane stuff that comes with being a working parent 🙂 xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Sheila, I will have to look at that. The red can be tricky with my fair skin, have to get a bluer red than an orangy red. 5am is about the time I am rolling over again! Ahh, I used to automatically get up that early when I taught school. Now with EDS, my body just wont move that early. But like you said, with kids :-0 what’s a parent to do! Happy Easter !


  3. “Danger, blogger at work”! That’s fantastic! Some days I feel the same. Nothing is looking right once you put it all together…but it eventually works out. Such a cute post girl!


  4. Such an insightful post! Glad to know I’m not the only one with mountains of clothes before shooting an outfit haha that shirt is perfect! And I love your rings, great look 🙂


    1. You are most certainly not alone 🙂 if it makes you feel even better, my room/wardrobe look like battlefields even when I’m not shooting outfit posts. Shhh.


    1. Do you know that I am most afraid of my tripod? I have several of varying heights, all purchased with the grandiose intention of taking my own photos and having the luxury of doing it however I want, but I have this unfathomable fear of them, Dawn Lucy. I know I should attempt using them but … I will try this weekend. I know, it’s odd. And irrational but there you have it.


  5. I am honored that you shared three of your headwear photos with Hat Attack. Thank you so much! You are gorgeous and have the ability and talent to put together spectacular ensembles for every post. I loved learning about your process!


    1. Oh my gosh, Judith. I’ve admired you and your style for ever so long, and to have you write such a compliment lifts me beyond cloud 99 xoxoxo thank you for making my day.


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