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That 70s Show

How, oh how, oh however have we lived

without making reference to those glorious days of the 70s?


I’m not just talking about the bouffant hair or bell bottoms. It was also a time of Ziggy Stardust, androgynous dressing and the power of the flower child. It thrills my heart to no end that runways have been answering the siren call of that decade, showing look after look with subtle (and some not so subtle) nuances that immediately call the 70s to mind.

It seemed fitting that Project Sister Act 3 should be all about that 70s show 🙂

Project Sister Act, Sheela WritesProject Sister Act, Sheela Writes

I wanted something a little hippy but without being too Woodstock and dated. Finding this dress hiding in the very deep recesses of my closet was a boon particularly as the side cut-outs ensured a contemporary feel.

Project Sister Act, Sheela WritesimageimageProject Sister Act, Sheela Writes

Harking back to accessories of then which were predominantly fabricated from natural elements, I strung some Faux Pearls (wooden beads, actually) which are actually from the 70s. I nicked it from my mum (love you!). The ring? Fabric. The shoes. Well, wedges were a given, yes?

Project Sister Act, Sheela Writes

Centre-parted hair, absolutely de rigueur.

Project Sister Act, Sheela Writes

Those darling little polka dots. Polka dots always make me smile.

This month, I am so blessed to be able to share Project Sister Act with some really cool, really fantastic like-minded ladies who are clearly living the moment. Fully embracing the adage that age is but a perception coined by societal expectations. From teens to 50s, allow me to present Eve, Ashia, Rachel and Shelley. And me.

Eve, Teens (theworldaccordingtoeve)

Eve Low

Ashia, 20s (thecolorfashion)

Ashia Johnson

Rachel, 30s (rachelthehat)

Rachel Turone

Me, 40s

Project Sister Act, Sheela Writes

Shelley, 50s (stillblondeafteralltheseyears)

1970s Jumpsuit celebrity Still Blonde after all these Years graphic pants Farrah Hair

And there you have it. That 70s Show, a Project Sister Act initiative. Can you tell we had loads of fun? Would you do the 70s again? Which style aspect appeals to you most?

Love, Sheela

p/s Photos of me by Eve.

pp/s On another note, forgive the red and puffy face. I’m still healing from angioedema. It’s not fun, sigh.

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  1. Pingback: 1970s Jumpsuits and Fashion? Still Relevant?

    • You were just awesome, Shelley, in how you embraced the theme and went all out. I loved yours and Eve’s looks best. Perfectly in tune with the era yet neither costumey nor tacky xoxo


    • What’s not to love from that decade, right? I want to try the Ziggy Stardust and androgynous looks next 🙂 xoxo


    • Now I know why you can’t wear heels as high as the ones I do 🙂 it would be very difficult, I imagine, but oh to be even a modicum of your height, Jess, le sigh. I shall wear them all and so too you, even if spiritually/visually/emotionally GRIN Happy Belated Easter to you too xoxo


      • Jess says

        🙂 Yes, I havent grown since 8th grade! I was always one of the tallest kids. Thank you ! I appreciate your support with tht link up!xx


    • It’s such a dream of dress but I must say, I had no idea the neckline was quite all the way down to there until I felt a gentle breeze 😀


    • It’s so important that while we keep in mind certain style “commandments”, it is still all about dressing for ourselves and having fun 🙂


  2. The 70’s were a very fashionable decade. Thanks for linking up at Who’s Wearing What Wednesdays at Pastries, Pumps and Pi!


    • You absolutely shall, Alice. You have inspired me to look at the colours Green and Orange and Yellow from quite different perspectives.


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