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Of Tutus & David Bowie

Once upon a time, I too was enamoured of Ms Bradshaw and her wardrobe. In fact, I still am very much an aficionado. However, it wasn’t until now that I’ve plucked up sufficient courage to  don a tutu myself. And I must confess, it is such a liberating sensation.

Of Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela Writes

No, not because of the breezy, sweeping skirts, cheeky.

Of Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela WritesOf Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela WritesOf Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela Writes

There’s just something in being an adult wearing a not-all-that-grown-up tutu skirt. I love it.

Of Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela WritesOf Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela Writes

And then there’s Bowie. Mr Ziggy Stardust himself. The fashion adventurer of the 70s. The risk-taker. The icon. It was only fitting that le tutu should meet le Bowie. In my books, anyway.

Of Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela WritesOf Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela Writes

It was also time to showcase this amazing Kente Tribal Clutch I’d recently acquired. Is it not something else? The colours oh so vibrant and full of life. That baroque ring is a gift from Eve.  She knows me.

Of Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela WritesOf Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela Writes

This yellow beaded J Crew wonderment is both necklace and belt and layered bracelet and, for all intents and purposes, a headband today.

Of Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela WritesOf Tutus & David Bowie | Sheela Writes

Yes, those are the famed Jeffrey Campbell boots 🙂 I managed to score a pair. Yay!!!

I’m not one for many words today, my friends. It’s been the start of one of those work weeks and my brain already feels like mush. Tell me, though, would you wear a tutu?  What would you pair it with?  I have another, in Black (this Mauve piece is from Free People), and I’m thinking I might try a blazer with it, or perhaps some leather?

Love, Sheela

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    • Thanks SO much, Anastasia 🙂 those boots are delicious to look at but not so much to wear for a long period of time 🙂 the ring was a gift from my soon-to-be-16 year old daughter, she has awesome taste 🙂


  1. Jess says

    Hi Sheila
    I love the different shades of pink here and the flow of the skirt. I feel that way today, my brain hurting !! You have the coolest shoes and boots. I used to wear heels which made me 6 1″.. I also wore a tutu when I was a ballerina! 🙂 I do really like the look on you!!

    Please stop by, jess xx

    Hope to see you tomorrow at Turning Heads Tuesday link up!


    • I knew you were tall, Jess, but I did not realise you’re a whole foot taller than me LOL soooooooo cool xoxoxo


  2. Sheila, you look gorgeous and the skirt is IT! Carrie B still inspires me too. Thanks for linking up with Vis Monday, xox.


    • Thanks Kirsten. I bought it in Mauve as well as Black, and I was thinking of going for a blazer look with the latter 🙂 something a little more sleek.


    • Thank you SO much!! I must confess, they aren’t quite made for (long haul) walking but hey, vanity trumps sanity most times.


  3. Found you on I Feel Pretty and I had to click since I love David Bowie. I’m also a big Carrie Bradshaw fan and I love your outfit! Maybe I’ll be brave enough to don a tutu one day too…


    • Hey Lisa, that’s precisely what I thought when I saw another blogger (also in her 40s) style a tutu skirt so beautifully. I simply had to purchase one and just have fun with it. You really should too, and naysayers/critics/haters be damned 🙂


  4. Wow! Sheela! This outfit is styled perfectly. It might be my favorite yet. I think it has to do with the way the black band on the skirt lines up so perfectly with the nude cutout of your heels. Plus, the graphic tee paired with tulle. Anyway, I just had to come and comment because I absolutely love this one!

    Muah! Annie


  5. You look angelic rock chic and utterly divine Sheela. Those boots are a little bit of amazing too. Fab ensemble. And would I wear a tutu – you bet! I just need to find one that has my name on it. Am inspired. Great tribute to our icon that was Bowie x
    Anna’s Island Style


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