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Skin Deep

All too often, we hear the phrase, “Beauty is only skin deep, it’s what’s inside that counts”. That’s true, to an extent. However, no one can argue that what’s outside plays an enormous part in how we perceive ourselves, in our self-confidence. Shallow as it may sound to some, my face and how I look including the condition of my skin, is one of the most important parts of what makes me, me.

So when my anaphylactic shock gave way to a bout of Angioedema, I was devastated. I can’t quite put it into words how I felt save that I was in despair, I felt that my world had completely fallen apart, especially when it recurred, and for the worse.

I was blessed to find a few select products which worked well for my condition (and I’m still using them today), soothing and treating even as they healed. As of now, I’m 95% back to normal. And that’s why I wrote about how I healed my face from Angioedema. I knew I wasn’t the only one to have gone through something so crushing. I was hoping the products I used would be of help to someone else, and that is why I shall be eternally grateful to IFB for featuring my article. Ever so grateful.

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