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Free Spirited

In 2010, a fellow jewellery designer likened my personality and designs to transcending the boundaries of being bohemian. Her precise words were, “Sheela is such a free spirit and in shows in everything she touches.” At the time, I wasn’t quite certain what she meant. Was it to be taken as a compliment? Or simply chalked down to being labelled as a wishy-washy sort, someone with no clear direction?

Five years later and I now understand what she was trying to convey. How being free spirited has permeated my entire way of life.

It would be so easy for me to stay within the boundaries of societal expectations. Take for instance the world of blogging. I could very well dress in a manner that has become expected of someone my age and my build. Why, that might even expedite the potential success of my blog. But I choose not to, and not even consciously, to be honest. To begin with, I do not even have thoughts of dressing in a specific style that is (supposedly) in accordance with my generation and the shape of my body and so forth. I eschew the classics, the so-called wardrobe must-haves because they do not appeal to my aesthetics. I am simply not that person. And I am alright with that.

And these days, having had my frame utterly wrought beyond recognition with steroids (shout out to Angioedema, my current bestie, which has taken me from a Size 2 to a Size 6/8 in just 10 weeks), I’m left with little choice save to outfit my altered silhouette in garments that are both comfortable as well as somewhat adaptable to change. Harem Jumpsuits in all their Jersey wonderness more than fit the bill. Not only in terms of how accommodating the cut can be, their very style is perfectly in tune with the free spirited bit of me (thank you, Ann, for introducing jumpsuits into my life).

Free Spirited | Sheela WritesFree Spirited | Sheela Writes

So here I am, parading and swooshing in what shall henceforth be called my Grey Parachute Jumpsuit. It’s a harem style with loads of fabric everywhere which, if pundits are to be listened, is the very thing I should avoid. Bulk, that is, and adding more to my frame. I hear and I understand but that doesn’t necessarily mean I shall adhere 🙂 and therein lies the essence of being a free spirited soul, I gather. That coupled with the absolute enjoyment I’m experiencing in wearing it, as is clearly evident.

Free Spirited | Sheela WritesFree Spirited | Sheela Writes

I added several prints to the mix, all in the palette of Ebony with Ivory.

Free Spirited | Sheela WritesFree Spirited | Sheela Writes

First we have my fave Ascot Ankle Wedge Booties in a colour block style.  Then I added the Ruffled Cropped Blazer (otherwise known as a bolero) in itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-black-polka-dots-upon-white glory.

Free Spirited | Sheela Writes

And the final touch of B&W?  A Gingham clutch.  You’ve unleashed a monster, Dawn Lucy.

Free Spirited | Sheela Writes

And to think I almost didn’t purchase these booties.  For shame, Sheela, for shame.

Free Spirited | Sheela Writes

And yes, that’s a real bullet+leather cuff.  I like unusual stuff.

So my friends, here’s to easing off on steroids and completely going without, eventually.  Here’s to reverting back to my Size 2 and wearing my old clothes. Here’s to being healthy and fit and well.

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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  1. Jess says

    Love that jumpsuit! I am freespirited too, maybe I dont put off that ere but I certain am.. Now, you have the funkiest and most fun pair of shoes.. that is what i love to see. I already told u on instagram how much i love ur clutch!
    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesaday!
    jess xx


    • Isn’t it the most darling little thing? Thank you for stopping by, Sheree, you can be certain I’ll be doing the same. That fitness enthusiast of yours is far too adorable to not visit on a frequent basis 🙂


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