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My Week On Instagram


Things definitely started on a sweet note with this candy from my childhood.  I was stoked to see that HEB stocks them on a regular basis.


Yes, I love spikes.  And studs.


When temperatures soar, so too my culinary experiments.  Here’s my Belafonte-inspired Banana Boat Salad.


Harking back to those days when I created jewellery.  Asymmetrical earrings were a personal fave particularly when incorporating fabrics and notions.


I’m all about tribal motifs for Summer, in loud colours.


Finally, I made it pass the 1200 calorie mark.  To understand what a feat this is, you need to know that morning cardio has always been a challenge for me.  The mother of all challenges.  But with my thyroid completely dying on me (thanks, Hashimoto’s), I’ve had to up my cardio just to keep up with things. So yeah, chalking 1500 calories on the treadmill felt phenomenal.


The people at Glow Recipe are simply spectacular, and so too the products they carry.  Here’s something nifty, DIY Rubber Masks for the face.  These arrived on Saturday afternoon and I’ll be testing them out very soon.

How was your week?

Love, Sheela

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