That (Red) Dress

You know, that piece.

The one which makes you feel like a million dollars. That singular garment which makes all things appear possible and within reach. It’s truly amazing the power clothes have on one’s self-esteem, one’s self-confidence. And no matter what anyone says to the contrary, there’s nothing quite like a well-cut piece of clothing to make one feel as though one could rule the world.

In this particular instance, my superhero item is this glorious red dress from Amanda Valentine.


Which doesn’t need much in terms of accessories.  Perhaps a tribal clutch.


Or a pair of killer heels.


This red dress makes me feel, well, invincible.


And oh so kickass.

What’s your superhero piece?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

pp/s I’m going for the Mauve as well as Charcoal versions next, please don’t judge

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58 Replies to “That (Red) Dress”

    1. Hey Suzanne 🙂 and thank you!!! I love love LOVE red but do not wear it often enough, unfortunately. I’m really very shy in person and veer away from anything which calls too much attention to my person. That said, I told myself I would try harder to explore this year so … 🙂


    1. I quite agree with you, Lena GRIN I love this shift dress, and was so excited to see it still available on Amanda Valentine’s website as the other two colours I wanted were sold out in two winks of an eye. Sad face.


    1. Thank you ever so kindly, ma’am 🙂 red is my colour and yet I never wear it quite as often as I should. It empowers me even as it intimidates me. Sigh. I need to stop over thinking things, it’s just a dress/colour.


    1. Thank you, Jess, thank you so much 🙂 once upon a time, pre-motherhood, I had over 560 pairs of shoes. Now, I’ve whittled it down to just under 60, I believe. Said shoe room was converted into (then) a playroom. Insert big sigh of nostalgia.


      1. woow! You could have had a shoe museum and charged,! Another side job! 🙂 ( wink) that is good, 60 pairs.. I know, sometimes I look and my handbags about 15,, and think I can use one at a time! Playroom will create excellent memories!


    1. ~ blushing furiously ~ thank you so very much, Monika. I really appreciate your very kind words especially because red is such a bold and somewhat intimidating colour for someone like me who is, in real life, exceedingly shy, quiet and introverted.


    1. Hey Jennie, thank you 🙂 red has always been my colour but I don’t wear it very often, oddly enough. This year and the next, they shall be driven by the winds of change 🙂 xoxo


    1. You are so right, Dana. It’s the very sleek simplicity coupled with that colour which makes it one heck of a powerful statement. This year, I’m going to venture out of many comfort zones and wearing red frequently is one of the first I intend to tackle 🙂


      1. Hell yess!!
        You’re one of the few that can make me scream “I am WOMAN dammit!!” at my computer, then put on something daring and bold.
        Love you to pieces for it ❤ ❤


  1. Amazing color and dress for sure Sheela. People have told me often that they think red is my color and so I know eventually I need to get some more reds in my closet for fall and winter.
    Thanks for linking up to Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me, I hope you will join in next Tuesday as well.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures


    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Rachel. I’ve been told for years that Red = Sheela but I’ve shied away from it because I’m such an introvert, awkward and tongue-tied in person, and I didn’t want anything that would draw attention, you know? But but but I’m pledging to make 2015/2016 years of change and new adventures so who knows 🙂 you should add more red to your wardrobe!! We should all try that one intimidating colour at least once. Next on my list is bright yellow.


  2. A truly amazing dress. And those sandals!! Gosh girl, you do have some awesome feetwear. I love the colour red and have way too little of it in clothes. When it is not on trend, it is hard to get. Especially a killer quality red jacket. (On my bucket list.) the fact upu have such lovely hair all draped over that dress, helps as well.


    1. I have this thing about shoes, if that wasn’t apparent yet 🙂 at one point (prior to being a mother), I had well over 500 pairs. These days, it’s somewhere between 50-60 pairs and still I feel as though I’m always in need of yet another pair. I wanted to thank you, Greetje, for being the catalyst which led to the creation of that red leather jacket post. If you hadn’t mentioned being on the hunt for one, I would never have remembered having one hanging in my closet xoxo


  3. Oh Sheela – HOW stunning do you look? Not only a va-va-voom red dress but incredible heels too. You look the proverbial bomb ;))

    Thank you for linking up to #iwillwearwhatilike – no problem to link a lot, the more the merrier!! Can’t wait to see what you link up next Monday, no theme – anything goes!

    Catherine x


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