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My 5 Days Of Not Wearing Any Denim

As in, five days, five outfits, zero jeans.

A la the Man Repeller herself.


Snide (but oh so witty) content aside, I’ve had a steadfast adoration for Leandra Medine since 2010 when the anti-feminism Queen of Rock herself, Courtney Love, texted me saying I had to Google this person, to read her blog, that the Man Repeller (MR) was f****** amazing. Usually, though, in true speaking-through-a-somewhat-hazy-frame-of-mind fashion (I love you, Court), CLove’s “you must check this person out” commands don’t exactly actualise into someone of as high calibre as she inferrs. Not so in the instance of the MR, I happily concluded.

As one of the 929k who religiously stalks watches her every Instagram move, when she announced a week long hiatus from denim and asked if anyone else was game, I was DEFINITELY in for the challenge. After all, I don’t do denim very often, to begin with. I mean, have you sighted any of that warp-faced twill textile here on the blog?

Here’s what I wore last week, completely devoid of denim.

The 5 Day (No) Denim Challenge | Sheela Writes

I never realised how much Blue seeps into my wardrobe LOL considering how I eschewed that shade for, oh I don’t know, the first 30 years of my life, irony much.

Day 1

The 5 Day (No) Denim Challenge | Sheela Writes

It was a casual day. And sweltering hot. And when temperatures rise, I head for maxi dresses. Comfy. Easy. This one has seen a lot of wear and I’ll be very sad when the time comes for me to bid it goodbye. It’s actually a lot more Emerald Green than the photo depicts. And yes, those are my spiked wedge slippers 🙂 dress purchased on Poshmark, the tabernacle of shopping deals/finds. White Snakeskin Cuff is from Unearthed on Etsy.

Day 2

The 5 Day (No) Denim Challenge | Sheela Writes

I was heading out for a meeting, a casual meeting ergo the bared shoulders of those Coral Chiffon Top. I paired it with my go-to Knit Capris, these have the cuffs in Nude. Add that plaid Zara Clutch, must-have Sunnies and my Louboutins, and I was good to go.

Day 3

This was a very simple outfit for a very casual day. This is the day I took Eve to watch Jurassic World in 3D and we screamed our heads off in between snackage and bathroom breaks.

Day 4

The 5 Day (No) Denim Challenge | Sheela Writes

Resort wear is incomplete without stripes and this shift tunic dress says it well. I had a slightly more formal meeting to attend and it was the perfect choice. The hat is a gift from Eve and added a punch of colour echoed by that Rebecca Minkoff Wristlet. Strappy heels were supremely uncomfy but supremely sexy. I may have to let them go though. I felt as though I was on the brink of falling flat on my face the entire time they were on my feet. Sad face.

Day 5

The 5 Day (No) Denim Challenge | Sheela Writes

I apologise for the poor quality of my last look. Clearly, it was taken in a rush and I’m really sorry about that, especially because it’s a jumpsuit, something which I’ve only recently fallen head over heels in love with (thanks to Ann).  This particular permutation, you’ve seen in Tie-Dye Green as well as Grey. I bought every colour I could find, including classic Black 🙂

So there you have it. A guilt-free, utterly enjoyable Denim Free Diet. What did I take away from this week long experience?  That there is life sans denim, no matter what pundits might claim.

Are you game to try this?

Love, Sheela

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  1. Great looks all week long Sheela! I can’t find a favorite, but I do love that you are embracing the jumpsuit! *wink wink. I love the color of this one. Might be my fave so far. Thanks for encouraging a week without denim. Easy peasey right?!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


    • Very!! Especially for someone like myself who hardly ever wears denim to begin with 🙂 I can’t wait to see your interpretations for our concluding post!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No Fear of Fashion says

    All outfits are ever so nice. Everybody, including you is wearing jumpsuits now. I am the only one out. I just don’t think they will suit me and I have so many restrictions for them, I get tired even thinking of hunting down one.
    A real shame the shoes of outfit 4 are so uncomfortable. Indeed they look bloody good. The hat too.


    • I’m still a little on the fence where jumpsuits are concerned and I think the only reason why I’m fairly comfy with this particular flying squirrel style is because it is, in essence, a huge blanket. It swathes and enfolds me, it’s not particularly figure-hugging nor flattering, and it’s a fun piece. I’ve completely given up on playsuits (or rompers as they call them here) but I think I’ll keep the light on for that perfect jumpsuit. For now. And yes, sadly, those shoes took away several years of my life, I swear.


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