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Friday Picks: Orange Lipsticks

When it comes to lipstick colours, Pink is my Nude. It’s my go-to colour for most occasions. I tend to paint it red when I’m intending to paint the town red ergo the connection. Corals and Oranges, however, are foreign territory to me. I associate those two shades with being in limbo where colour is concerned because they’re neither quite here nor quite there. Does that make sense?

Given all that, it’s Summer. It’s Resort Wear season. That time of the year when Oranges and Corals dominate alongside Reds, both in terms of outfits as well as accessories and all the other necessary accoutrements which make up a successful outfit. I was, therefore, determined to give the zesty hues a go.

All things said and done, thanks to the rain finally stopping (yes, Texas, it’s Summer, when the sun shines?), I’ve been able to enjoy some pool time and acquire a slight tan which I adore but, in the context of finding that right dollop of Orange, has proved rather challenging. Why is that, you ask? Because I wish to avoid that Nicki Minaj luminous lip look (try saying that 5 times, very quickly, luminous lip look) and most Oranges tend to do that on me when I’m a little darker but not quite sunkissed-golden yet. It’s a tricky situation.

But but but, I found some Oranges, I swatched some Oranges, and here are the results thereof.

Friday Picks: Orange Lipsticks | Sheela Writes

A-Go-Go, Kat Von D – this was the perfect pop of colour for my tan.

Friday Picks: Orange Lipsticks | Sheela Writes

Neon Coral, Anastasia Beverly Hills – I’m quite certain this would have worked very well on me prior to the tan but for the moment, I’ll leave this to the paler complexions with yellow undertones. It just comes off way too 80s for me.

Friday Picks: Orange Lipsticks | Sheela Writes

Morocco, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream – this one works so well on me because for darker skin tones, a red-orange hybrid (be it sheer or highly pigmented) looks fresh and modern, and makes the complexion come alive.

Friday Picks: Orange Lipsticks | Sheela Writes

Forbidden Sunrise, MAC Bao Bao Wan Limited Edition Line (no longer available) – I’m growing rather fond of this particular shade although I wasn’t too keen on it when swatching for photos. Perhaps it’s the slight frosty effect?

Friday Picks: Orange Lipsticks | Sheela Writes

Saigon Summer, MAC – this one veers on the sheer side so it’s universally flattering and works on most skintones. I’m not a big fan because I felt the colour just disappeared on me.

Out of all these, my #1 is definitely Morocco with A-Go-Go a very close second. I also should have rethought the Anastasia lippy because it channels my inner campy queen more than I like.

What about you? What are the staple colours in your lipstick wardrobe? Would you ditch them for Orange? Tell me all about it, stud 🙂

Love, Sheela


  1. Sheela,

    I agree with your two top choices. The Go-Go for super orange and the Morocco for a more coral color. I love orange lippy. I do think you should try Purty Persimminom by Wet n Wild. It’s such a goodie. I found it last summer and it was my mainstay. And the Mega Last line seriously lasts all day. They are cheapy and the container shows it, but what a solid lipstick! I love when you test lipsticks Sheela. I’ve attempted a red lippypost once, but I don’t think it went as well for me. I think I went to close to the lips or something and therefore all the reds looked the same.

    I love your first picture too. Great post!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


    • I shall try them out, for sure although I confess that I haven’t had much luck with Wet n Wild (nor Rimmel, for that matter), the colours are always too light (barely pigmented at all) and never last and are far too glossy for my liking BUT I shall give it another go. Photographing lips for blog posts is always tricky. I try to do them all within the same 30 minute timeframe because anything more than that, the light changes which affects the final outcomes. Did you use a concealer on the lips prior to each colour? That helps tremendously in segregating the individual lippy.


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