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Everything’s Just Peachy

I’m writing this post from my room at the Hilton Manhattan East. I’ve just had a productive (if somewhat IT and gadget-challenging day) and feeling alright with the universe. It does make me think though, how things would be if the world weren’t running quite as efficiently. Imagining the chaos an absence of connectivity would create. The absolute discord in our lives should technology no longer exist.

Good lord, I’m already quacking.


So my tale of tech (or the lack thereof) has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m wearing and I’d be a fool to attempt creating any kind of a link so I shan’t 🙂 I can honestly say, though, that I’ve been dying to wear something off-the-shoulder for a bit now therefore unearthing this peach top in my closet was truly like manna from heaven.


I kept the accoutrements within the same palette, topped with some black for contrast.


My love for plaid knows no boundaries and continues unabated with this striking leather piece from Zara.


And a new obsession for sunnies blossoms.


There you have it, a simple, laidback me. What’s your go-to piece when you’re after something a little more casual?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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  1. No Fear of Fashion says

    This is my kind of dressing. I like it. And I love how the sunnies compliment the outfit so well.
    Your shoes always get most of my attention. You have such a good collection. I cannot understand how you get through the day on heels like that but they are beautiful.


    • I am blessed to work from home, Greetje, for the most part, so I don’t need to traipse around in sky high heels all day long (thank you god). When I’m not sashaying for photos, I’m in comfy slippers. I really really ADORE shoes (I had over 500 pairs at one point) and usually build my outfits from the heel up, you know 🙂


  2. happinessatmidlife says

    On days when I intentionally disconnected it feels so great but when it’s not intentional, it’s frustrating. I haven’t dabbled in the off the shoulder trend yet since it’s not something I can wear to work so I tend to steer away from things that can’t serve multiple purpose in my closet. Love these pretty colors on you.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.



    • It’s a horrid sensation when technology doesn’t work, or when it works against you. We’ve all become so dependent on being wired all the time that it’s crippling when we’re not, isn’t it? 🙂 being out of the country for 5 weeks with spotty connection (at best) has made me appreciate SO much what we have going on in the US. Things are not quite the same in other places. When I was with Ernst & Young, I too had to be mindful of the colours I chose for my working wardrobe but always managed to sneak in some bright pops as accents, which you do too 🙂 thank you for visiting, Alice xoxo


  3. What a lovely post, I love seeing OOTD posts. Always makes me want to open up my wardrobe and see what I have to work with. I certainly don’t have those gorgeous heels.

    I love that this is your more casual outfit, it is totally suitable for nights as well. Gorgeous overall look.

    I found you blog through 30plusblogs and wanted to stop by to say hello.



    • Hello, Carrie!!! I appreciate you stopping by, I really do 🙂 one thing that’s certain, I love my shoes and my heels. I can’t wear anything less than 4.5″ unless it’s for the gym. Even when I was preggers I was walking around in my heels and the one time I tried flats, I fell flat on my swollen tummy LOL


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