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The Fab 40s In Menswear

Menswear motifs are having a moment, so I’ve been told. In my books, however, clothing inspired by menswear was never really a fad. More of a constant presence, adapted with the thoughtful use of accents (be they feminine, colour-related blah blah blah) to make them relevant, fresh, now. So our little tag-you’re-it-style-game did a full round robin and it was my turn yet again to pick a theme for The Fab 40s, I went a little boy-crazy.

Sheela Writes | The Fab 40s in Menswear

Well I did not theoretically use anything “borrowed from the boys” (my husband wears a Size 15 1/2 in shirts and my sons are both over 6 feet tall), I did manage to find some rather amazing things in my closet (and Eve’s, shhhh).

Sheela Writes | The Fab 40s in MenswearSheela Writes | The Fab 40s in MenswearSheela Writes | The Fab 40s in Menswear

As you can see, I did my level best to address the time old question, “how to wear masculine pieces in a chic and feminine way”, and injected multiple infusions of whimsy and quirk a la Sheela.

Sheela Writes | The Fab 40s in Menswear

This adorable button-down?  Every bit of vintage from the lovely la la land of Hong Kong. Isn’t it glorious the treasures one’s able to unearth from one’s daughter’s closet? I loved that whilst it was all corporate and proper and staid with buttons, long cuffed sleeves and that banker’s collar, there were bunnies in place of the expected breast pockets. And it wouldn’t be Sheela without some other twists, yes?  Such as that Faux Gold Tie (vintage too) as well as the oh-so-McQueen plaid vest finished with Faux Leather straps and Velcro closures.

Sheela Writes | The Fab 40s in Menswear

Adding a touch of glam with a pair of #GirlBoss stiletto booties.

So there you have it, my interpretation of Menswear.  And you know who the rest of The Fab 40s are; Ann, Dawn Lucy, Dixie, Jane and myself. To date, we’ve had adventures in Marsala & Denim, Jumpsuits, Gingham, Lace and Leopard Print. As I’d mentioned earlier, we’ve come full circle and wanted to infuse a little something something into the series, to kick things up a notch, you know. Thanks to Ann (so creative, that woman is), we came up with the idea of featuring a Guest Blogger every month!!  I love it.

And I love our inaugural Guest Blogger, Jennie of A Pocketful Of Polka Dots. I’ve long been a fan of her ability to convert the most executive and business-looking of outfits into graceful, irrefutably female ensembles. Put to the task, Jennie more than delivered 🙂

A Pocketful Of Polkadots

Does she not look charming and gamine?

And here are the other members of The Fab 40s, being one of the boys.

Kremb de la Kremb

Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

Fashion Should Be Fun

Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun

Inside Outer Beauty

Dixie of Inside Outer Beauty (my personal fave, so Capone chic)

My Midlife Fashion

Jane of My Midlife Fashion

Sheela Writes | The Fab 40s in Menswear

And me.

And I am SO sorry about the pitiful quality of these photos.  I accidentally switched the mode of the camera to the wrong one (clearly) and didn’t have time to redo the shoot.  Mea culpa?

So what do YOU think? Did we nail it?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve, screw-up in quality, all me

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    • Hey Jaymie, thank you 🙂 I borrowed it from my 16 year old. I’m making it a point to go explore her wardrobe every now and again GRIN


  1. This is such a fun take on menswear! You look stunning. Thanks for linking up today with THT. Please can I remind you to follow our links as well. We would really appreciate it. Many thanks.


    • Isn’t Dixie’s long vest the absolute cat’s pajamas, Kirsten? I covet it too, with every fibre of my being GRIN xoxo


  2. The white button up is my favorite “menswear” piece. Although I think it can look so feminine. I love how your white button up is unique and eye catching.
    So fun!
    Thanks for linking up with our Tuesday Fashion Party Link-Up!!


    • Hey Katey, thanks so much!!! Yeah, it wouldn’t be me without an add-on of some sorts. Even when I was working with Ernst & Young, you’d never find me in a plain button-down or a pencil skirt. I just can’t 🙂


  3. Gabrielle says

    Oh wow, this is such an unusual look and I love the confidence you wear it with! I have SO much love for kinky heels and those boots are fierce!! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Thank you so much, Melissa, we had loads of fun with this theme 🙂 are you into menswear-inspired outfits too?


    • Thank you so much, Jane, I REALLY appreciate your words because (and I’ll sound like a groupie now), I’m a massive fan of your blog, your style as well as how you’re keeping everything together as a working mother 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog, you’ve sort of made my day. In a big way.


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