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Denim My Way

For those who’ve faithfully digested everything I’ve written since the early days, you’re aware that jeans hardly make an appearance on this blog. If ever.  I mean there was that occasion when Ann and I emulated the Man Repeller, making through 5 whole days with zero sighting of denim (yes, it was SO unbelievably hard) which, technically, reaffirms my lack of a relationship with denim. Oh oh and there’s that time when The Fab 40s strutted in individual interpretations of Marsala with Denim.  I chose the footwear route. So yes, Sheela isn’t much of a denim aficionado.

Thankfully the global denim jeans market (which is projected to hit USD$65 billion by year’s end) is bursting at the seams with fans, ever ready and willing to don the blue, and with great panache too.


Don’t get me wrong. I do own jeans. One pair. Levis. Bootcut. Purchased in 2005. And while they do a wondrous job in making my 5 foot frame look a lot longer, leaner, taller, I’m simply not crazy over denim.  I believe it has to do with my being different as a teenager and, as such, intentionally amping up that difference by conspicuously choosing to not wear what others were. Yes, I think that might be it.  It would be just like me to go against the grain to prove a point.

That said, I’d been wanting to feature some denim for the blog for a bit now but I was determined that it wouldn’t be in the traditional sense of the word, i.e., skinnies, and that it would be with an evening vibe.

Denimy My Way | Sheela Writes

Voila.  An ubiquitous strapless Black Maxi in Jersey (with pockets!!) gets a little dose of something something with a thrifted Denim Ombré Button-Down Shirt.

Denim My Way | Sheela Writes

I feel all sorts of love for this shirt.


The cut is boyfriend without being overtly baggy (read: it’s not a shapeless sack which simply fails to work for my vertically-challenged frame).  It’s obscenely soft.  That ombré effect?  Precious.  And since it’s thrifted (from @mcnubbin on Poshmark), it cost me nothing short of a song ($20, to be precise).

Denim My Way | Sheela Writes

Look at those heels!!  They’re Velvet and so sexy and they have ruffles all over, and they were a gift from my man.  Incidentally, the maxi is from Poshmark too.  I shop there a lot.

Denim My Way | Sheela WritesDenim My Way | Sheela Writes


Look at the expression in my eyes. Deer caught in headlights –  I’m in shock to be caught wearing denim, and in public too.  Let’s talk a little about that clutch (I tucked the shoulder straps inwards).  It’s a stunning masterpiece of Vintage Genuine Vegan Leather & Suede from the house of Charles Jourdan.  There’s something incredibly appealing about a bold in-your-face geometric pattern-blocking motif, set within an uber feminine silhouette as evidenced here.  Those colours, too, are powerful without being aggressive.

Subtle with nary a trace of wallflower syndrome.

Denim My Way | Sheela Writes

It was a rather sweltering evening when we did this shoot yet my make-up stayed and stayed  beautifully, courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics’ Purely The Basics Mineral Kit.  More about that, their holiday specials, and why I’m infatuated with the line, later. Full disclosure here. The Youngblood team very kindly gifted me with samples of their products for the purposes of a review.  That being said, all my words and expressions and opinions remain mine, and mine alone.

So you there. 

Yes, you.

You must own more denim than I do.  Which is your ultimate, absolute fave denim piece?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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    • It was such a precious find, vintage Charles Jourdan. And the suede/leather mix. I found it on Poshmark actually 🙂


  1. thelifbissue says

    Hahahaha you’re in shock caught wearing denim, lol, love it! It’s fine I think. I don’t have tons and tons of denim items in my closet either. But I must say I really like your shirt. Love, Kirsten xx



    • I used to avoid denim like the plague because I didn’t want to be a follower, you know. But I came to realise that it’s how denim is worn which distinguishes us (no duh, Sheela) and so decided to publish a post about denim, done my way. That shirt was such a treasure, Kirsten, and a steal for $20!!! Found it on Poshmark 🙂


  2. Denim your way done nicely. I love that you dressed down the maxi a little bit. Your clutch, booties and dress are all so pretty.

    Have a great day! Ada. =)


    • Thank you, Ada. I’m really not the classic LBD sort of woman so I had to do something a little different to make the maxi more me 🙂 xoxo


    • LOL that’s why our styles look so awesome side by side, Dawn Lucy, because they’re GINORMOUSLY different. Isn’t that the best thing ever?? xoxo


  3. I am glad you are wearing some denim here though, I currently don’t own much but like to pull it out here and there (especially pants).
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures


    • That’s the thing, Rachel, I can’t do denim pants. I so much prefer tops and dresses, perhaps skirts (a big maybe) but no pants. I think I look stupid. Sigh. Happy Thanksgiving in advance!! xoxo


  4. You’re just so cool Sheela! I love these pics of you!! And you know what: me too. I don’t wear much denim. I do own it, and of course I have many options, but it’s rarely what I grab for. Oh, but I do have an exception. My perfect, like absolutely perfect, Wrangler cutoff jean shorts. I do love those. They are like my version of sweats. So I guess I do have one favorite piece but that’s it.

    I like getting dressed up too much. Just like you!

    Thank you for linking up to my Style Story Link Up. Sorry it took me forever and a day to respond.

    Have a great week Sheela!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


    • Really?? You’re like, for me, the epitome of the denim queen, Ann!!! You wear them SO well too. So unexpectedly with your usual dose of tongue-in-cheek chic xoxo


    • I wrecked my brain thinking of how I could pull this off without using jeans, Alice. At the end of the day, it’s a basic black maxi dress with a shirt but I like to think that the ombre effect made the top bit special while pockets made the inside just that wee bit more unique 🙂 xoxo


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