Faux Real

Fur has always been a point of contention

in the catty dramatic world of fashion.


Some view as fur as being luxurious,  a symbol of social status more often than not associated with glamour, the fast life and lavish spending.  Yet others reject it due to moral beliefs and perceived cruelty to animals (British fashion designer and outspoken animal rights activist Stella McCartney comes to mind).

Did you know that in terms of apparel construction, there are so many additional considerations when working with fur?  For instance, one has to be extraordinarily careful about weight, bulk and line.  Or that a toile for a fur coat has to be cut far larger than for a silk one?  It’s about the meticulous reassembly of small strips to preserve the continuity of the fur stripe and other features of the piece, resulting in a fabric of fur as versus an jigsaw puzzle of pelts and bits.

Whatever your viewpoint on fur,

the fact remains that it’s very striking,

and undeniably unforgettable.


While I’m neither for nor against real fur (I think I have three pieces of real fur in totality, all vintage and/or thrifted), I’ve also got nothing against faux fur and wear it with relish.


The thing I appreciate most about faux fur is that, with all the modern tools and technology available, there is no end to what colours, even prints and patterns, that can be concocted on any given piece.  The options are endless.  The decisions mind-boggling.


As I’m sure you all know, I’m generally not very comfy in my own skin let alone when wearing layers of clothing and attempting to pose with utter nonchalance.  Which is why I’m so surprised how free and liberating these photos turned out.  Correction, I’m SO happy!!


Yes, that’s how we dress for cold temperatures here in Houston.  We go to town with the layers then peel one by one off, like an onion ogre, when it starts to warm up.


Look at me go.  Flippin’ and whippin’ mah hair.  Willow’s been coaching me.


Them boots.  Ahhh, them boots.

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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18 Replies to “Faux Real”

  1. Epic Fabulousness!!
    These boots with the metallic jeans are a slap in the face of colour and texture….that sheer and delightful slouchy jumper and your fur Waistcoat.
    Warmth and comfort meets style and glamour.


    1. You, my lady, are the true epic one. You have been such a source of inspiration and joy in terms of what you wear, the colours you put together, everything XOXOXO


  2. Beautifully written and said Sheela, I own a white faux fur vest and love it and could only imagine the fun I would have in a real one. Great look and insights Sheela. Thanks again for your comments on my blog recently. I think it is neat how you said the higher the heels you wear the more confident you feel. That is how my sister-in-law Jasmine is too (her fashion blog is new and here at http://www.shoesandallthatjazz.wordpress.com, by the way. You two have the highest shoe collections I have ever seen, but I love it).
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures


    1. Thank you, Rachel. I’ve been writing since I was 7 and I can’t imagine doing anything else. In fact, I actually write for a living 🙂 wordsmith aside, you’re very welcome, Rachel. It dawned on me that I’d been very selfish, adding my link for months now and, while I always visit several other featured blogs to drop a note, I’d never before commented in yours. Then I saw your post about confidence and dressing the part, and I knew it was the perfect moment HAHAHAHAHA I must go see Jasmine’s blog. Birds of a feather et al xoxo


  3. Looking absolutely fabulous. With every layer. Love the vest (and I don’t like vests much, so.. there you are). And of course kuddos for those boots. Red is my favourite colour. Where do you find such footwear?
    And why are you not comfortable in that beautiful skin of yours? Everything works, arms, legs, head, hair… your looks are unique and attractive, you stand out… woman what more do you want? Want to be a Barbie? Thirteen in a dozen? Nahhh.


  4. I have to agree with Greetje that you look wonderful and very unique which for a fashion blogger is surely what you want. Your hair and boots are the most remarkable in my opinion – what a great photo that is of you flicking your hair and looking beautiful, and confident too. And wow, those boots are amazing. High boots are truly transformational – you’re suddenly taller, feel more sexy and ready to conquer the world. Fabulous darling!
    Anna’s Island Style


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