Kiss From A Rose

The words “cleansing” and “oil” coming together in a single sentence used to be foreign to me, and, I’m certain, for many others unaccustomed to the concept of slathering a gunky, greasy commodity in the name of detoxification, regeneration and, on a whole, keeping those signs of age at bay.

I kid you not.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty for a bit.

Why oil, you ask?


01 Oils can be used day or night.

02 The right face oil can benefit any skin type, yes, even acne-prone.

03 Face oils help the skin retain moisture and stay hydrated all day long.

04 Oils deliver moisture and radiance without residue.

05 Oils reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by virtue of anti-oxidants and other powerful anti-aging ingredients.

06 Many face oils have aromatherapy benefits and they can lift or calm your mood, depending on the scent.

These formulas – perfect for a wide variety of skin types – use gentle, oil-based formulas to remove dirt, surface oil, seriously-stay-put makeup and pollution while infusing essential moisture and benefits to help maintain your skin’s vital moisture balance.

Kiss From The Rose | Sheela Writes

Today, I’m going to be talking specifically about this flower of a gem here, the Rose Petal Cleansing Oil from RE:CIPE.

Before elaborating on the pros, let me first lay out the cons.

(1) The pump SUCKS. Like majorly. It sticks. It doesn’t spritz, it gushes forth.

(2) There isn’t any form of a filter inside the bottle itself to keep out the sediments so the pump is constantly clogged and congested and stuck.

So what I do is I just pour directly from the bottle to my hand.  Problem solved.

Kiss From The Rose |Sheela Writes

Ok, that’s it. Now we get to the good schtuff.

Kiss From The Rose | Sheela Writes

A deep cleansing oil infused with premium Bulgarian Damask Rose extract, RE:CIPE’s Rose Petal Cleansing Oil claims to thoroughly remove makeup residue and deep-seated impurities that clog the pores while also nourishing the skin with its rich natural nutritional content.  And it does.  It does, it does, it does.  Non-greasy, non icky, it does such a bang-up job in getting everything off my face, easily and painlessly removing even 10 layers of waterproof mascara left overnight (the things I do in the name of product testing), without pulling or tugging on the oh so delicate eye skin. Yes, it gets to work to removing the grossness like right now.

In all honesty, after using this cleansing oil, I feel as though my face has just been through a mini spa treatment session.


Along with Bulgarian Damask Rose extract, RE:CIPE’s Rose Petal Cleansing Oil also contains Rosehip, Macadamia Seed and Jojoba Oils which are highly beneficial in maintaining proper moisture to the skin.

Kiss From The Rose | Sheela Writes

What this translates into is a serious infusion of heady, full tilt moisture to my face, leaving behind an almost tangible glow to the skin.  And, even if you have dry skin (or skin that just gets more dry at times) it will be your saving grace.

I use this as my first line of cleansing.  It’s the first cleanser I reach for, whether or not I have gunk on my face.  And what comes after is typically a foaming cleanser to remove whatever funky stuff is left behind, which is usually barely anything (I like this and this as well as this, I rotate between the three actually).

Kiss From The Rose | Sheela Writes

Confession: sometimes, I wash my face three, even four times, just so I can inhale that heavenly rose scent.  Sigh.

In a nutshell, it’s a must-have.

Available here and here as well as here.

Love, Sheela


6 Replies to “Kiss From A Rose”

    1. Me too, Kirsten. It’s Chemistry, like dissolves like. In other words, oil dissolves oil and I am so in love with how cleansing oils have balanced my skin, not completely stripping it of essential oils and moisture. Sigh of bliss xoxo


    1. Same situation here!! It cleans ever so well without drying out anything. I love it. And yes, I truly do use this several times, even when my face is crystal clean, just so I can inhale the scent of rose petals. I’m special (read: odd) that way GRIN


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