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Kicking It

This year, I’ve stepped outside my box quite a few times.


First there were those jogger pants (I blame you, Liyana).  Then that thing with jumpsuits which occurred here, here and here (all thanks to Annie).  And now, my second time with sneakers.  I must admit it’s rather gratifying that we can pull on a pair of sneakers with just about anything and (usually) be considered on trend and, gasp, stylish even?  Some fads can be fun, huh.

That being said, I don’t quite know when (if ever) I’ll be on that bandwagon for pencil skirts (I can’t find one that looks halfway decent on me) or for celebrate flats the way some of my peers do.  I just can’t.  I can, however, relish in wearing sneakers, both in and out of the gym.  Sportwear and streetwear have become so intertwined that there’s hardly any difference between the two anymore.

Kicking It | Sheela WritesKicking It | Sheela WritesKicking It | Sheela Writes

In sadder news, temperatures in Houston have been escalating of late and that makes me very unhappy.  I honestly thought I’d have a little bit more time to play with the shaggy and the furry and the layered and the thick.

Kicking It | Sheela WritesKicking It | Sheela Writes

Instead, I find myself pulling together lightweight pieces for barely cold days.  Grrr.

Take for instance this thing that I’m wearing with French words.  Makes me feel rather Parisian and chic.  But the point I’m trying to make here is that despite being coined as sweater, it’s so lightweight that it couldn’t pass for anything save a long sleeved comfy top.

Kicking It | Sheela WritesKicking It | Sheela Writes

I suppose you could say it was wishful thinking on my part to pair with that vest with a hoodie (and pockets, baby).  This one is much thicker and would go very well with the colder days we saw last week.

Kicking It | Sheela WritesKicking It | Sheela WritesKicking It | Sheela Writes

What’s an even bigger deal is that this post marks the very first time I’ve worn sneakers for any reason besides working out.  I do quite like these, they’re from Adidas and are in that bright, bold Cranberry Fuchsia pink which I adore.  I’m not liking the fact that they make me feel every inch of 5 feet tall but that’s alright.


Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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    • Exactly. And you’re so tall that the flatness of the sneaker won’t be in the least bit detrimental 🙂 we should make a pact to wear sneakers again on the same day and post it!! xoxo


  1. Fabulous look, as always! I must admit as a fellow almost 5 foot person (just a smidge on the 5′ 1″ side) sneakers are not my go-to look. I prefer long, clean lines, and heels give me all that sleeker look I hope for. However, I must say pencil skirts give me great happiness. They hug my curves and accentuate them nicely (IMO, but I am open to accepting I could be wrong). Also, I do find myself wearing more Converse, Madden, and Kenneth Cole sneakers because they are comfortable and cute even if they don’t accentuate and flatter me as much as my heels.


    • I completely agree. Heels are just the absolute best thing for those of us in the petite department, that elevation makes everything look that much better BUT there are moments when sneakers are de rigueur. I’m not one for cuteness, but comfort, now that’s another thing altogether.

      p/s your body shape seems perfectly built for pencil skirts and peplum tops, Jennie 🙂


    • Thanks so much. I’ve been thinking of further experimenting with colours for my hair but sometimes, you know, one just runs out of ideas 🙂 xo


  2. happinessatmidlife says

    I love the idea of dressing all sporty since it would be so comfy but when I do try it, I always feel so phony since I am not headed to workout. I still prefer to keep wearing my workout stuff just for working out.

    It looks great on you!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



    • Hahahahaha!!! I know precisely what you mean, Alice, because to be perfectly candid, I truly WAS on my way to the gym. Right after the shoot, I just changed tops and switched pants, and tadah. I was good to go 🙂 these kicks are my actual workout shoes xoxo


  3. No Fear of Fashion says

    And I always have problems with sneakers because I think they are not elegant enough for me. But by oh boy are they comfortable. Now pencil skirts on the other hand are no problem.
    I know you are steaming in this outfit, but it does look good.


    • I believe you’ve just articulated my precise sentiments on the matter of sneakers and flats in general. For me, it’s all about an arched foot. And how elegant (and sexy) it makes the female leg. Extends it, slims it. So when that’s taken away from the equation, I feel as though I’m not quite me, not quite the feminine me. It’s different when I’m headed to the gym because then the sneakers are for a purpose, and I’m intending to kick ass. Does that make sense? xoxo


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