Of Capes & 221B Baker Street

There’s something about in-your-face-red-streaks.

Streaks in one’s hair, I mean.

Not on the face.


For one, it’s hard to be missed in a crowd which may not seem major to most but is, in truth, rather vital for someone who’s only 5 feet tall.  Yes, I’m the one with her feet on the bench when doing barbell presses for the pecs.  Stop laughing.  It’s not always easy being on the starting end of the measuring tape.

But this post is about capes.  And the occasional crusading.  Not about my height.  Or lack thereof.  So we move on.

Of Capes & Crusading | Sheela Writesthumb_IMG_3088_1024Of Capes & Crusading | Sheela Writes

I’ve had a thing for capes (or, if you prefer, trench coats with capes) since 1983, since my first Sherlock Holmes tome, The Hound Of The Baskervilles.  Capes and bags shaped after what’s arguably the most iconic coat in modern television folklore.

Of Capes & Crusading | Sheela WritesOf Capes & Crusading | Sheela WritesOf Capes & Crusading | Sheela Writes

But, of course, I wasn’t about to put together an outfit post too closely based on Mr Holmes’ wardrobe.  The man had an air of mystery and intrigue in spades, a certain sense of savoir faire which I, alas, do not possess.

My personal touches were the Jeffrey Campbell colour-blocked booties.  The lariat (which isn’t technically mine). A spot of maroon because I felt like it.  And let’s not forget the red streaks in my hair.  That’s all Sheela.

Of Capes & Crusading | Sheela Writes

And while never did I stay at any place quite wondrously called Baker Street, I did patronise many a baker (or bakery) in my time as my waistline would attest.

So, did I do the cape crusader right?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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22 Replies to “Of Capes & 221B Baker Street”

    1. I love you, Patti 🙂 thank you so much for always making the time to drop by and leave a comment. It takes so little but not everyone does it and that’s why I so appreciate that you do xoxo


    1. Hahahahaha thank you, Liz. It’s always been go big or go home where I’m concerned. And the older I get, the more I just go big because, you know, life’s much too short to play it safe 🙂 xoxo


    1. Oh my gosh, do I love capes, Rachael 🙂 I just went through my closet and realised how many I actually have, and how many I’d forgotten I even had. Shameful, Sheela, simply shameful!! I think I might need to do an entire week of looks with different capes 🙂 thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it xoxo


    1. Thank you, Rebecca, that’s the precise vibe I was going for. Fun and fearless. Afterall, at my age, I’m going for being as unafraid of fashion as I possibly can, as frequently as I can 🙂 xoxo

      p/s Happy Christmas to you and yours too.


    1. Thanks loads, Nora 🙂 I love playing with hair colours. That’s the one area wherein one can have so much fun and, with a simple snip or another swipe of colour, wipe the slate clean and start all over again xoxo


    1. This one was a little pricier, for me anyways, but when it arrived and I was able to touch it, the weight of the fabric made every cent worth it 🙂 you’re right though, there’s nothing quite as lovely as finding THE piece with a price tag that doesn’t hurt too much. That’s why I shop on Poshmark so often 🙂 xoxo


  1. hahaha, funny about the bakery and the waistline. I think this outfit is awesome. So well balanced, so different, so beautiful. Love the maroon and I love, love the booties. As I always do with your booties. Very well done my dear.


  2. I love this cape!! I have a cape / trench that I bought last year that I need to wear more often. I do love the look of them but they always never look right on me.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope you had a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2016!



    1. Capes can be tricky, yes, when I overthink the process, I always end up looking costumey. Like a old, washed-up version of Little Red LOL I feel that someone like you, with such a deft hand in mixing prints, would create an outstanding outfit with a cape, Alice 🙂


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