Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket

When it comes to denim,

there are a few things we’ve come to expect.


Warm weather-appropriate cuts. Separates, dresses and accessories that are as appealing as they are comfortable, lightweight pieces ideal for layering in transitional temperatures. But that isn’t to say we don’t constantly crave (seek out, even) elements of newness, to stand apart within that world of chambray and blue. And that’s especially the case when it comes to denim jackets.  Anyone who says differently needs a schmack on their Pinocchio noses.  I’m just sayin’.

Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela Writes

It’s clear that to create a truly successful denim look, one has to be able to achieve a harmonious boy-meets-girl aesthetic.  Be it that the more tomboyish fabric (otherwise known as denim), gets a sweet update in terms of trims or cuts, or that ultra feminine silhouettes the likes of dresses and long skirts are fabricated from what’s traditionally-a-man-ish-fabric-called-denim.

Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela Writes

It’s all about a feminine tweak here and a bit of experimentation there.  Take for instance this bomber jacket.  It’s a 2-in-1 concoction.  The Grey flannel vest with hoodie thingy is detachable so you can (a) create different looks and (b) adjust just how warm you want to be.

Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela Writes

Going further with it.  Asymmetrical hemline.  Ombré dress.  That sort of thing.

Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela WritesBomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela WritesBomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela Writes

Adding an unexpectedly couture element (or three), you know, to refresh the denim element and make it feel new.  Afterall, until of late, denim has usually been associated with street wear, casual and comfy, not necessarily high end nor chic.

Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela Writes

I find that exotic skins and oversized shades with a touch of gild, never ever hurt.

Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela Writes

Loud hair is always a plus to up the denim quotient.

Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket | Sheela Writes

What say you?  What’s your take on the ultimate dream denim outfit?

Love, Sheela

Jacket from Shein, dress from Urbanog, Chloe Nude Python Silverado Bag, House of Harlow Ring, Brown & White Sunnies and Corset Booties all from Poshmark, and B&W Snakeskin Cuff from Unearthed.  Lipstick is Milan from Nyx via Ulta.

p/s photos by Eve

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17 Replies to “Bomb Diggity Denim Jacket”

    1. You are simply quite the very best for my self-esteem and confidence, Patti 🙂 Happy 2016, my friend, may it be a year of love and laughter and blessings xoxo


  1. The great thing about visiting other blogs is having you eyes opened to new ideas. Denim seems to be severely lacking in my closet which I hadn’t really noticed until now. There’s plenty for me to think about here. I love how you’ve styled this and think all the accessories are fab, included these awesome boots.
    Anna’s Island Style


    1. Thanks so much, Anna. My wardrobe is likewise rather devoid of the ole blue, by choice. I’ve never fancied denim very much, a sentiment which remains strong to this day albeit I’ve developed a slight fondness for jackets 🙂 I can only imagine the glorious ensembles you’d create around denim, you with your sense of colour xoxo


    1. Isn’t it just? The more busy our generation gets, the more pressed for time we are, the more appealing multi-tasking items become, and that includes items of clothing too. Thank you so much, Debbie, for always making the time to write something xoxo


  2. I think you did a wonderful job and this jacket will prove to be very versatile. For myself I love denim jeans, especially skinnies, but jackets …. no. They make my straight posture very needle-like which is not a silhouette I am after.
    The shoes are worth mentioning (again). You have quite a collection of remarkable and beautiful shoes and booties.
    It is fun that you have snow falling in your pictures, but that is just technique. Bare-legged as you are. In The Netherlands the weather is very mild (about 12-14 degrees Celcius which is really warm for our country).
    Have a Merry Christmas Sheela.


    1. I think you’d look amazing with a bomber jacket, Greetje, or something with a blouson silhouette so it creates a little shape and volume. That would be amazing with those legs of yours which go on for miles 🙂

      Thank you, so much, and yes, I do have a thing for shoes 🙂 once upon a time, before Eve was born, I had an entire room dedicated to 567 pairs of shoes. All catalogued and tagged with a Polaroid on the outside so I knew instantly which box housed which pair. Alas, when she came along, shoe room was converted to playroom, and many pairs were donated to charity. Ahh, my aching heart.

      LOL WordPress has this falling snow effect on most of its blogs, typically starting the month of December right up to end February, I believe. It’s cute. Allows me to live vicariously since the closest we have to snow here in Houston is 2 degrees Celsius. Sigh.

      Much love for the new year, my friend, here’s to many more moments of shared laughter and joy in 2016 xoxo


  3. My denim jacket(s) are probably my most used item in my closet. They seem to go with everything and make everything look so chic. Love the way you’ve styled your jacket. Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope you had a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2016!



    1. Oh yeah?? You’re always so impeccably dressed in the most stylish, corporate way, Alice, I don’t instantly associate you with denim jackets but I can see how you’d turn to them for style/comfort during the weekends and/or for casual days 🙂 happy holidays, my friend, here’s a wondrous 2016 for us all xoxo


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