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The Fab 40s In Faux Fur

Nearly 100 million Americans think buying

and wearing fur is “morally wrong,

what do you think?


Personally, I don’t have any objections either way, a sentiment you’ve heard me express before in the past.  Granted, real fur isn’t for everyone and for those who have made the decision not to wear it, I most certainly respect that.  By the same token, I firmly believe that they too, in turn, ought to respect the rights of those who choose real fur.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela Writes

While no one bats an eyelid when animal rights activists vocalise their choices and opinions, I’ve always wondered why I’ve had to defend my decision to wear fur.  Why the fear of disapprobation is (very often) enough to keep me and my coat from venturing out in public together.  True, in Houston, temperatures don’t really dip all that low to justify putting on my coat, and answering shitloads of questions about my choice of outerwear.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela Writes

That said, there are days when a poor circulatory system means my fingers and toes are perpetually cold, and the only thing able to keep me warm and toasty is that real fur coat hanging in my front hall closet.

So what’s a shivering woman from the tropics to do?

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela Writes

Well, for this photo shoot, nothing much 🙂 it was such a warm day when we shot these photos that even putting on this Jersey Poncho trimmed with Faux Fur was no mean feat in itself.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela Writes

For colder days though (which is what we’re supposed to experience in Texas over the course of the next fortnight, yay), let’s talk vintage.

Vintage fur.

There are always going to be those who really dislike fur, and then there’s always going to be those in the middle, and then those who really, really, really like it.  So for now, vintage fur is probably the eco-gentlest way to go about this conundrum.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela Writes

After all, there are millions of coats in great condition from decades ago, often passed down from generation to generation. Clearly, throwing these furs away would be wasteful, to say the least.  If the animal was killed for its pelt long before I was born, and rather than support what’s possibly unethical harvesting procedures, surely it’s only logical to maximise the product that resulted from its demise?

I’m curious.  How do you feel about real fur versus fake fur?  There’s so much controversy surrounding these two camps that I’m really quite keen to understand which side you’re on, and, even more so, why you’re on that side to begin with.

For the purposes of this joint post, we decided to go with the faux camp so without any further ado, tadah.  Here we are.  The Fab 40s ladies doing their fur thang 🙂

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | My Midlife Fashion

Here’s Jane and her spiffy, ever so divine Gilet in the most majestic of blues.  There’s something decidedly rockstar yet wearable in this get-up.  Could it be those OTK boots??  Or the leather mini?  I can’t quite decide.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Fashion Should Be Fun

How chic is Dawn Lucy in her glamping outfit??  I am SO hearting that fuzzy clutch which is literally begging to be hugged.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela Writes

That glorious scarf-cum-collar thingy fits perfectly into Dixie’s rock n roll vibe, doesn’t it?  As do those killer booties.  I swear I need to raid the woman’s shoe closet.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Kremb de la Kremb

Hey foxy Ann, you be looking fine in your fur.  Fine, and fresh, and fierce.  And so endeth Sheela’s attempts at being cool GRIN

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Style At A Certain Age

For the final 2015 installment of The Fab 40s, we’re so pleased to have Beth of Style At A Certain Age. I’ve long been a great (if somewhat silent) admirer on Instagram, having immense respect for her deft hand in mixing print, texture and colour, often all in the one same garment. Beth has no fear of bright shades and bold patterns, and wears them with absolute panache.  Here, she’s got that heritage-inspired look down pat with earthy hues, wear-everywhere Suede Boots and bright plaid button-down.  And let’s not forget that deliciously creamy faux fur vest which easily adds a dose of opulence to any garment.

The Fab 40s In Faux Fur | Sheela Writes

And, of course, me.  In my ombré dress and faux fur-trimmed Jersey poncho.  Lizardskin Clutch. With rings on my fingers and spikes on those ankle boots, and that Snakeskin cuff on the wrist.

The Fab 40s ladies (which is comprised of Ann, Dawn Lucy, Dixie, Jane and I) are closing 2015 on the softest of plush notes, relishing in the unapologetic parading our faux fur accoutrements.  Since March, we’ve tackled everything from Marsala & Denim, Jumpsuits, Gingham, Lace, Leopard Print, Menswear Inspired, Fringe and Goth (for October, naturally), and gotten all dolled up last month in our Glam best.

For 2016, what would you like to see us wear?

Share your ideas and suggestions, please!! 

We’d love to hear from you!


Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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  1. This is a contentious topic, Sheela…that is for sure!!
    Nothing beats the look and feel of “real” fur….controversial as it is.
    I love Vintage fur and think that it should be treasured and worn, not destroyed and therefore totally wasted.
    I have no problem with it.
    What is in the past should be forgiven.
    We have moved on.
    As for “modern fur”. As long as it is from a farmed animal I don’t see a problem….it is no different from eating meat or wearing leather.
    Leather is the skin off an animal after all.
    Many so-called vegetarians still wear leather shoes. This I don’t understand.
    My friend is a “True” Vegetarian….she neither eats meat nor wears animal products.
    I respect her enormously……she puts her principles before her own comfort and style choices.
    Wearing “plastic” shoes all day everyday is not the most comfortable.
    She never preaches or lectures either, she just lets people make their own choices.
    She does listen to other’s opinions though…
    I once told her how cheap angora sweaters were made and she immediately sent hers back and sent an emotive email to the company.
    I wonder how many “anti-fur” people will quite happily wear something where an animal has not been killed outright just tortured to produce a cheap jumper.
    I think we should not judge anyone’s style choices….and should make sure we know the facts about an item before condemning it.
    Perhaps that vintage fur jacket is far less cruel than the modern Angora sweater?
    Keeping an open mind.
    I am all for that too.


    • Precisely the point I was trying to make but which you articulated so much more eloquently, Samantha. I have no qualms wearing either, fake or real. What matters is the provenance behind each piece. How it came to be.

      What also bothers me, quite a bit, is the irrational hypocrisy of some. The very friends who question my choice of fur, don’t say a word when I order, say, veal for dinner. Or wear leather boots (or, heaven forbid, are themselves wearing fancy leather footwear). I often wonder at that disconnect. Is it because of the association of fur with luxury: that ethical outrage is just a cover for resentment of the display of spending power embodied in a fur worn publicly? While completely illogical (and I don’t make any claims that wearing fur is a morally stainless act), there could be something to that. I mean, some furs can be had for a whole lot less than a Burberry trench, and certainly for less than many carnivores spend on meat in a year.

      Anyway, you are absolutely right. To each his/her own, and we ought not to have to apologise for whichever path it is that we choose to take xoxo


  2. I personally do not care for wearing real fur. The idea of it bothers me. Even vintage fur.

    I am against any kind of animal cruelty or exploitation. I don’t eat meat either.

    Other people make their choices in life.


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    • Yes, the premise must be that whichever manifesto we embrace, we must embrace it wholeheartedly and with grace. I’ve had some friends who are completely anti real fur and yet they themselves own pieces fabricated from genuine leather. My argument is whichever camp you choose, whichever camp others choose, (as it is with religion and political views), we should respect the differences. I’m not saying you don’t, my friend, not at all. I’m saying that is the backbone of my piece here 🙂

      I’ve tried going completely vegan but it did not work out for me so at this point in my life, I have one to two days a week whereby I do go completely vegan as a means to eating 100% plant-based meals. On the days wherein I am not eating wholly vegan, I try to incorporate as many greens into my day as possible xoxo


  3. thelifbissue says

    Wow, you ladies look fabulous! Hope you had wonderful holidays Sheela. As for wearing fur, I don’t judge either, there are so many controversial topics in this world, where to begin and what if I only wear faux fur but the rest of my life is just plain ridiculous? I think the faux fur options have become so tremendously great that you just don’t have to buy real fur anymore. Love, Kirsten xx


    • That is too true. The world is already going through so much turmoil that to debate this topic seems almost trivial, not that it is. It’s all about balance, I feel xoxo


  4. A tricky subject. At the end of the day it’s all down to personal opinion. Is there really a definitive answer to this question?
    However, you ladies all look splendid in fake and nobody’s feelings are getting hurt x


  5. You are so chi chi Sheela! Like, just ultra glam. Love it!

    In terms of fur, I’m totally ok with it, but actually something that never happens to me does happen when I wear real fur. I usually don’t care what anyone thinks of me, but when I wear real fur I do worry about those peeps who are very against it. Will a riot occur! Hahah. But, to be honest, I still wear it–red fur cuffed gloves! 😀

    Your poncho is to die for–and well, you know I would die if I attempted those heels. They are spiking–I mean stunning! 😛

    Love, Ann


    • Awwww, thank you, Ann 🙂 wearing this does indeed make me feel like a tai-tai GRIN

      Honestly? I’m all for real fur AND faux fur. Whilst there is beauty in today’s synthetic versions, nothing quite beats the feel of plush, genuine fur. Furthermore, my skin can barely tolerate manmade materials to begin with, even coming into contact with the faux version can (sometimes) cause an almost instantaneous reaction so there are occasions wherein I don’t have any other option but to go for the real McCoy. In any event, I haven’t personally come across any aggressive reaction to my fur pieces. Yet. I’m glad.

      Love you lots!!!


  6. You look beautiful in your fur, Sheela. It works wonderfully well with your ombre dress and killer booties! I am not opposed to vintage fur and think it looks so glamorous.


    • My daughter was so against pairing the two together. She has this thing against anything matchy-matchy (her precise words) LOL I respect her sartorial opinions ever so greatly so this was a risk for me. I’m glad you like it, Jennie, I’m glad someone else besides myself likes it, to be honest!!

      Genuine fur and the wearing thereof is such a personal topic, and particularly subjective. I have several vintage pieces myself (Etsy and Ruby Lane are treasure troves) as well as some contemporary acquisitions, and I love them equally. I also appreciate the occasional faux piece particularly if it contains some form of a trending accent and it is because of that very aspect that I purchase a high street, manmade material version. But if it’s a classic silhouette and cut, it has to be real fur for me, something which lasts 🙂 xoxo


  7. stinedurfdl says

    The faux fur poncho/jacket/cape is so fine, but those booties are insanely fierce! I don’t own any real fur; not necessarily do to any moral issue it’s more a monetary issue. And in light of the fact I come from the trailer park I kinda doubt I’ll be inheriting any…lol! One thing that I cannot stand is hypocrisy in any form, at any time, ever. If you are of the mind that wearing real fur is against your beliefs than the same should go for any animal related product…I’m so not a fan of cherry-picking one’s values.


  8. I wear both real and faux fur. The real pieces are all vintage, except for one that was given to me as a gift. I do tend to wear my faux pieces more, mainly b/c I feel a bit odd walking my dog with a real fur on. But then again, my shoes are leather. Love this post and your poncho and boots!


    • Hahaha I can see how it’d look, Lili, you in your genuine fur piece, walking your dog, also a genuine fur piece 🙂 it’s all a matter of balance, I suppose.


  9. I normally wear faux fur. I am a vegetarian , but very open minded about what other people enjoy.
    Live and let live, I say. I also love the smell of leather, lol, not so much of fur.
    Thank you so much for your visit on my blog. I have answered you there too
    Besos from Málaga-Spain


    • Me too, Sacramento!! I adore the smell of leather. Incidentally, I used to manage the PR and branding for Loewe in South East Asia and was blessed to visit Madrid once, a very long time ago 🙂


  10. Very nice look and that faux almost looks real. I do prefer real furs and leather myself but everyone it entitled to their opinions about either and that’s what makes the world an interesting place.


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