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Colour, I Fear You Not

When it comes to wearing colour,

there are three categories of people.


Those who embrace it wholeheartedly, happily mixing not just two but four, sometimes five, different colours all into one same outfit.  Oftentimes throwing in a pattern or print into the mix just for the fun of it.

Then there are those who, while not partial to a rainbow parade for a single look, approach colour with the comfort and ease of meeting an old friend.  There is confidence in strategically using colour as an accent point.  Or to deliver a message.

And then we have the group of souls who revels in a monochromatic world.  A world dominated by black and by white.  With grey or beige or the deepest, darkest of blue making the occasional cameo.  Colour doesn’t show up here very often.

Colours Galore | Sheela Writes

Personally, I fall somewhere in between the last two categories.  My wardrobe is no longer completely dominated by blacks (see, that there is a Mustard-coloured sleeve peeking out), and I’m not all that intimidated by colour any more.  At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.  Say it often enough, it becomes gospel, yes? And that’s why it made so much sense to come up with a rainbow parade of colours style challenge with Ann.  What better way to nudge myself out of that quasi-bland comfort zone and pepper things up with brightly coloured, well, colours?

Colours Galore | Sheela WritesColours Galore | Sheela Writes

Et voila.

Colours Galore | Sheela WritesColours Galore | Sheela Writes

This outfit is the very first I’ve ever put together on a moodboard.  Yes, it began life as swatches and inspiration shots pulled from here, there, everywhere.  Being such a novice with colour and print and pattern in general, let alone mixing everything up in the name of style, I thought it’d be best to start that way.  Keep a eye on things.

Minimise the disaster potential.

Colours Galore | Sheela Writes

That adorable polka dot sweater was my launch platform, so to speak.  From thereon, I added the scarf.  I knew I wanted a huge scarf, my security blanket piece, and I knew I wanted plaid.  I also knew I didn’t want it to be in red with black.  Thank you, Zara, for creating this brightly-hued number which very effectively kept me warm and toasty, and as snug as a bug in a rug on that clearly cold, blustery day these photographs were snapped.

Colours Galore | Sheela Writes

All the other pieces came together rather smoothly.  That Mustard long sleeved top was an obvious choice and so too those Burgundy Suede boots.  Lower half of the body-speaking, initially, I meant to wear jeans and then, sigh, promptly forgot.  Ah well.  I’ll save it for my next colour run.

And rather than detract from the kaleidoscope, I kept accessories to a bare minimum, i.e., just my wedding and anniversary rings.

Colours Galore | Sheela Writes

I’m rather pleased with the outcome, I confess.  For someone with a slight aversion to loud colours, who believes that “less is indeed more” when it comes to the palette, this was indeed a walk on the wild side for me.

On the other hand, these ladies clearly have no qualms when it comes to wearing colours.

Kremb de la Kremb

Ann of Kremb de la Kremb ups the quotient here, not only with that winter wonderland backdrop but also her exuberant combo of exotic animal + plaid + vintage vibe sweater.  Then there are those zesty toppings of red, beautifully echoed by her striking lipstick.  And certainly that LV doesn’t hurt.

Anna's Island Style

Anna has the most delicate hand when it comes to playing with colour and print.  Delicate and feminine, she creates incredibly charming looks which are not in the least bit nondescript.  Case in point, this outfit right here.  To see more, you need to head over to Anna’s Island Style.


I’ve long been a fan of fellow Malaysian Liyana (sadly we weren’t able to meet up when I was back home).  She knows how to have fun with her clothes, switching effortlessly between styles, infusing doses of wit and playfulness into combos of texture and pattern and,of course, colour.  Affordorable (and that name in itself is supremely witty, no?) is where it’s at.

Lipstick & Brunch

I met Nicole at a Clarins event two years ago and since then, I’ve been an ardent fan. She exudes confidence and absolute comfort when it comes to colour, and was an obvious choice for this style challenge.  She writes at LipstickandBrunch where you’ll be privy to hefty doses of colour.

Fake & Fabulous

To many aficionados of colour, Samantha is no stranger.  She of that sassy pixie cut, whimsical outfits, and a blatant love for colour.  I’ll never stop waxing lyrical over her ability to pair seemingly impossible shades and prints, and once you’ve seen Fake Fabulous, I doubt you will too.

Tell me, do colours scare you?

Love, Sheela

{  photos by Eve  }

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  1. Sheela this was such fun to take part in. Many thanks for pushing me out of my very own comfort zone – I’m such a control freak, and this was a really healthy challenge, having to wait for others and not be in charge for a change! The entire post shows a veritable riot of colours, and your ensemble is fantastic. I love your plaid shawl (in my favourite autumn tones) and could easily snuggle into that today in our windswept weather. My other favourite item are these fabulous boots which have send me scurrying off to eBay to see if I can locate something similar. There’s so much inspiration in a post like this, it’s been a joy. It’s great to meet you and the other girls, so many thanks again x
    Anna’s Island Style


    • I’m so so glad, Anna. I’m often wary of challenges because I find myself adjusting my personal style to adjust to the day’s theme, you know, which is not only a cop-out but I’m also fooling myself in the process 🙂 this colour challenge, however, was different. I suspect it had something to do with the fact that this time around, I embraced it wholeheartedly while staying true to my sartorial senses. That said, I’m still working my way towards attaining those supremely high standards you and Samantha have set. You’re both such colour and print maestros, seriously.

      I had SUCH a blast too, Anna, such a brilliant time, and the best bit? That we’ll all remain blogging friends even after the colour has faded on the post that started it all. All puns intended.



  2. samantha4blair says

    I love how you have tackled this colour-thing head on.
    No wimping out and arguing that black, charcoal and grey are, in fact, 3 separate colours…..;oP
    Just a go-for-it attitude.
    Full on with burgundy and mustard, plus giant spots and tartan.
    No half measures here.
    I love it.


    • That’s exactly it. It was either go big or go home, and I’ve never ever turned down a style challenge before. Well, there was that one time Ann and I were supposed to wear denim for 5 straight days. I chickened out on that tone (don’t hate me, Ann) xoxoxo


  3. stinedurfdl says

    This is such a killer mix of color and print…well done Sheela! I think the leggings work just as well as jeans would have. I love the scarf, the colors are gorgeous and yes, it works so much better than red and black, more unexpected. I can’t believe we didn’t happen upon one another before now either, but I’m glad we did! Happy New Year and I look forward to getting to know you better in the year ahead. 🙂


  4. Hi Sheela! First of all, thank you for getting us all together for this style challenge. My first ever, too. So if we were asked to pick something we’d want from each outfit, I think my answer, from your outfit, is pretty obvious… The polka dot sweater, of course! Super cute AND it looks cosy! Mustard is one of my favourite colours, so I’m all for that mustard peekaboo too!


    • LOL anytime, my friend.

      I have been wanting to work with you on something for the longest time. I love your sense of style, it’s always cute and quirky without being weird or childish. And I envy that so much. I wish I could pull off nonchalant chic the way you do. Arggghhh. I wish I could hate you but I can’t because you’re way too adorable plus you’re a fellow Malaysian so there is that xoxo


    • Seriously, Jess?? Oh wow. I never would’ve thought that. I mean, in your outfit posts, there’s always colour so, you know 🙂 xoxo


  5. Sheela, I dare say I have a hard time believing you’re afraid of color. You seem like a pro. All the pattern play in this ensemble screams, “I’m an expert!” I love the polka dots, plaid, and color palette. Right on! Thanks for instigating this collaboration!

    Love, Ann


    • Very much in fear of colour, Ann 🙂 in fact, I wore almost all black from around the age of 11 right up to my mid 20s. And even then, colour mixing for me entailed either Black with White or Black with a touch of some other colour. Not much of an adventurous spirit then GRIN but these days, I’m going to grab those colours by the horns and see where they lead me xoxo


  6. mcr says

    Hi Sheela,
    I tend toward neutrals mostly but occasionally I spice things up. I have a love affair with red shoes, in particular! Your outfit is so fun and fresh for the new year. I say, keep up the color!


    Love, Mary


    • Oooh red shoes!!! And dance the blues away 🙂 neutrals are another thing I need to get to know better this year. Beige and colours within that spectrum aren’t very present in my palette xoxo


  7. What a wonderful post dear 🙂 I wish you a happy healthy 2016 with lots of fun!

    Check out my new post – My amazing kitchen floor makeover 🙂

    LOVE Maria Inredning – it’s Swedish for decor


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