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My 2016 Manifesto

How often have we preached that

age should never be a deterrent to anything?


2016 is the year that I vow to advocate this mantra throughout every single act of every single day.  Acts which might seem nondescript or even trivial to some but for me, will be momentous (if somewhat tremulous, tentative) steps towards being the person I was meant to be.


To be more genuine.

To be more present.

To understand, and accept, that things grow, and change.

And if that change leads me in the direction I was meant to take, to not fight it.

To produce work that is honest and truthful. To stop being apologetic for sharing personal issues, thoughts and opinions in a seemingly public forum. To know when to take a moment to pause and rest. And to not apologise for that either. To regain perspective. Write to the best of my abilities. To remove myself from stats, expectations and perceptions, and, quite simply, to live the fullest life possible.


As I was saying to Debbie recently, salut to you, my friends, and salut to 2016.

May the new year bring with it many more moments to share and bond over (be they sartorial or otherwise), to inspire and be inspired, and to remain true to ourselves for only then can we grow and live fully.

With love for a blessed year ahead, Sheela


  1. thelifbissue says

    You go girl, that sounds like a fabulous mantra and I’m wishing you and your family the best for 2016. I’m sure it’s a great one. Much love, Kirsten xx

    P.S. May I just say that I’m totally in love with the shade of your lipstick?


    • Thank you so much, Patti. In our pursuit to provide the best possible moments for those we love, we often forget about ourselves and that has to change otherwise we can’t be there for them 🙂 xoxo


  2. Well said, Sheela!
    Women are guilty of apologising too much! AND not believing in ourselves….Feeling like “frauds”.
    I love your determination to be more genuine and positive…XXX
    P.S LIPS!!! NAILS!!! LINER!!!…swoon….


    • You’re absolutely right, Samantha. We need to stop apologising for our very existence and allow the world to appreciate us for the kickass superwomen that we are 🙂

      Lipstick is Dolce Jealous from Dolce & Gabbana, Nails is Trustfund Heiress (I think) and Eyeliner is from the Kat Von D tattoo pencil line 🙂 xoxo


  3. I am what I am, and suck it to those who can’t deal. 🙂 Very nice to meet another Sheela/Sheila! Thank you for your comment on my blog – hey, life is short, so why not have purple hair, right?

    I love your lavender nails (I rarely do my nails). I will pretend yours are mind, hee hee.


    • LOL I actually did mine specifically for this photo, Sheila. I don’t do mind very often at all either. Pounding away at the keyboard at work, cooking at home, and doing my thing at the gym doesn’t allow me to keep pretty nails 🙂 xoxo


  4. cheryll says

    You look amazing! I wish I had your courage with colour as per your last post. I recently purchased some leopard print boots and although they make me smile, I am reluctant to wear them as know that a slight snigger from someone would see them confined to the back of the wardrobe. X


    • Oh no!! Never, Cheryll!! I had my first outdoor photo shoot a week ago and I was so so wishing the ground would swallow me up whenever some strangers passed by, stopped and stared. I swear some sniggered and made snide remarks (it’s a very conservative neighbourhood) but I just pretended they were the ones who were naked and that me relax and laugh and have a good time. Likewise with your boots. I would suggest that for the first few times, wear them only in the company of people whom you know wouldn’t snigger, and then venture out bit by bit 🙂 it can only get better xoxo


  5. Sheela we can only be ourselves, anything else is a fraud, a fake, a waste of time. I don’t hear men apologise like we do, they don’t seem to suffer the same confidence issues. You are unique, a lovely person and a beautiful soul. Love life, grasp it with both hands, embrace those you love and leave no-one in doubt as to who you really are x
    Anna’s Island Style


  6. stinedurfdl says

    Beautiful thoughts and so spot on. I couldn’t agree with you more…these are things that we all need to be mindful of every day.I just finished tomorrow’s post before stopping by and I was musing on oversharing on the blog…great minds, right? And salut to you, my fabulous new friend!


    • Salut to you too, fabulous friend!! I enjoy what you write so so much, don’t ever censor your thoughts and words xoxo


  7. Being true to ourselves is so important but quite be quite challenging in many many ways. Sometimes it’s outside influences, sometimes our inner demons but to aim for it – absolutely always worth doing. I think you’ve pretty much expressed – beautifully I may add – what I’m striving for this year. Blessings for the adventures ahead! Salut to you!


    • Blessings to you too dearest. And you’re absolutely right, it’s the demons within us which wreak the most havoc. We must quash them beneath our feet and sally forwards xoxo


  8. “Age should never be a deterrant to anything.” <— YESSS.

    Keep on doing what you're doing, and always be you, because there really isn't quite anyone else like you, is there Sheela? Definitely no!


    • As there is never going to be anyone quite like you, my kooky, quirky, witty, articulate friend 🙂 it’s been such a blessing to cross paths with you and exchange thoughts xoxo


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