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Leo, Meet Camo

Emboldened by my recent foray into the magical wonderland

of colour and print, I tried something new today.


I paired two prints which, under normal non kaleidoscope-laced days, I would never ever have placed together within a 10 mile radius let alone allow them to cohabit within the same outfit.  I’m making reference to larger than life leopard patterns and the equally loud camouflage print.  Did I hear a gasp?  Or two?  I don’t blame you.  Not even in my wildest of sartorial dreams did I imagine this combination would work but here they are, making merry and rather nicely at that, I might add.

Cheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela Writes

Let's talk about Leo first.

This Cape was such a find.  An ultra rare find, I should say.  It’s authentic 1960s and came with original tags (somewhat faded because of age, oooh, chills) as well as a bag of extra buttons.  But those aren’t what make this piece such an amazing treasure. No, my friend.  What makes this cape a rarity is how it’s completely reversible.  One side being Light Tan trench coat material and the other, tadah.  Ultra glam, uber opulent, texturised fuzzy Leopard Print.  Buttons and pockets and contrasting collar.

My oh my.

Initially I was going to wear it with jeans or a pencil skirt but seeing how (a) I don’t like jeans very much, and (b) at the time we shot these pictures, I did not own a single pencil skirt, I decided I’d go with leggings.  With a print.  Preferably a loud print because, you know, I’m all about making bold choices and sticking my neck out this year in terms of style experiments.

Cheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela Writes

And there you go.

Leo met Camo, and they went for a playdate.

Cheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela Writes

Allow me to wax lyrically over the Fendi Spy Bag first.  Ahhh that bag.  It’s such an icon within the worlds of both the well-heeled as well as arm candy enthusiasts in general that it requires no further introduction.

It does, however, warrant a big hug of love from me GRIN

Cheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela Writes

And if you’re as in love with these House Of Holland shades as I am, try Ditto.  I adore using shades and I adore variety, and what made me fall head over heels for Ditto is that with them, I can have new, luxury brand sunnies, as often as I like, for only $24 per swap.  It’s the perfect scenario.  No longterm commitment.  No exorbitant cash outlays. No, this post isn’t sponsored by Ditto, I simply adore them and I think you will too.

Cheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela WritesCheetah, Meet Camo | Sheela Writes

In terms of accents, I applied an equally ostentatious but complementary rule to the accessories you see in this post.  Whilst the rings and cuffs and shoes and bag may appear somewhat random, I promise you they were chosen with much thought and consideration.  I wanted a plethora of textures but still stay within the same colour family.

So you have the Horn Cuffs in a neutral shade to echo the sporadic placements of Beige in the Cape.  And the splotches of Black of said Cape mirror my studded Booties.  Not to mention the Ebony bits in the Camo print of my leggings as well as that fabulously in-your-face House Of Harlow Rhodium Cluster Ring.

Does it not have a somewhat galaxy vibe?

So tell me, did you enjoy the tale of when Leo met Camo?

Love, Sheela

p/s so I just realised I’ve put together this particular mix before, ah well, I’ll do better next time

{  photos by Eve  }

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  1. samantha4blair says

    I am in love with that cape! I hope to see it again, many times.
    How fortunate…..it was fate that brought you and the cape together!!
    I love how you have styled it here, timelessly and fearlessly.


    • When I purchased it 4 years ago, I convinced myself that it simply wasn’t me. Don’t even ask why I bought it to begin with. So it was listed in my Poshmark closet around mid 2013 until I realised I had it a month ago and then, faster than the speed of light, it made its way back into my life 🙂 xoxo


      • samantha4blair says

        A piece like this was just biding it’s time, for when you were ready!


    • House of Holland!! I’d been hunting for this specific pair ever since I saw Hanna Beth (DVF Brand Ambassador) sport it on her IG account 🙂


  2. Oh My. Goodness. I am entirely jealous of our Fabulous vintage cape. Talk about gorgeousness! I happen to be a fan of camo and leopard, and think you wear it wonderfully. Super cute sunnies!


    • Thanks so much, Jennie. You should’ve seen the expression on my photographer’s face when I said I was pairing the two LOL it’s just not an Eve thing.


  3. Experimenting with these two patterns? I would of never thought of matching them together and it looks fab.
    Keep rocking it girlfriend 😉


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