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Of Words & Waistlines

What is she talking about??

Where’s the correlation between the two?


Allow me to explain.

There are blogs which feature the prettiest of pictures, the most stylish of looks, and hardly anything else at all.  Perhaps a sprinkling of words, scattered in a seemingly sporadic fashion but which are, on the contrary, strategically placed to encourage impulse clicks purchases all in the name of affiliate marketing.  Which tickles your fancy the most?  Are you a look, see and move on sort of reader?  Or do you buy into the substance (or cringe at the lack thereof) of a well-written post?

I’m personally rather partial to a piece which contains more than jpegs, no matter how beautiful they may be (as if you didn’t already know that).  For as long as I can remember, prose (particularly that of a lyrical nature) holds a very special place in my heart.  I suppose one could attempt to disprove the theory that words are indeed mightier than the sword but then again, why wage a war one cannot hope to win?

Of Words & Waistlines | Sheela Writes

In truth, there are quite a few who place no stock on the weight of a word-centric blog post and I find that immensely sad.  I cannot, for the life of me, imagine a world wherein the letters of the English alphabet do not hog the limelight.  Do not take centrestage.  What I find even more disheartening, however, is that there are some who have (inexplicably) managed to climb to the top of the heap with naught but beautiful photographs and a few scant words.  How is that even possible?

Of Words & Waistlines | Sheela WritesOf Words & Waistlines | Sheela Writes

Is today’s society so caught up with abbreviations and hashtags and emojis that words no longer rank high in the vocabulary they use to communicate?

Of Words & Waistlines | Sheela WritesOf Words & Waistlines | Sheela Writes

I ask you, how can one possibly hope to paint a picture without a brush?  Without paints.  Or convey a sentiment without linguistics?  Express an emotion?

Of Words & Waistlines | Sheela WritesOf Words & Waistlines | Sheela Writes

And that begs the question, my friend, as to which camp you belong to?

Of Words & Waistlines | Sheela Writes

Is your process inclined towards imagery with a handful of words, or does the thought of composing a delicately balanced post excite and incite you above and beyond sifting through photographs?

By the by, through all this waxing lyrical over words, I completely forgot to talk about my outfit.  Just goes to show, doesn’t it?  For those who are intrigued by my somewhat less-than-planned (and certainly very basic) look, it’s a fluffy sweater (so soft, it feels as though I’m wearing the pelts of a dozen little bunnies without having to actually annihilate an entire fluffle) with wispy eyelash hairs sprouting every which way (new, a gift from Eve for Christmas) paired with a really old pair of floral leggings.  As for those amazing sunshiny yellow Wedge Booties, well, they fell apart the instant this shoot concluded.  I am in mourning.

And that's all there is.

There isn’t anymore.

Love, Sheela

{  photos by Eve  }

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  1. Hi Sheela,

    This subject really interests me (you can tell by this long comment). I have to say I actually belong to the other camp. I’m saying that a little bashfully here, since you’re calling out those who preferred the camp I’m in. Really bashfully!

    It’s weird; I’m such an avid reader, I absolutely love reading books. But when it comes to blogs, I tend to keep up with those that provide the most attractive visuals – whether they accompany those visuals with more than a few words or not. One example that immediately popped into my mind is Nicole Warne of garypeppergirl.com. Her photos are super stunning, and she always accompany her number of photos with a short paragraph at the bottom (always written beautifully, though), but I find that satisfactory enough. Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook does the same, too, and I love her style and content. Fashion Toast, on the other hand, shows Rumi Neely in nonchalant cool-girl poses accompanied by the littlest amount of words, but just like the other two bloggers, she’s super successful.

    But then I also love bloggers like Kristina Bazan of Kayture who produces magazine-worthy photos who seemingly “talk” at length (she does type like she’s talking to her readers), and Gal Meets Glam’s Julia Engel always pairs her gorgeous photos with passages that have descriptive substances in them. And let’s not forget Emily Schuman of C&C, who’s quite the eloquent writer, but also has the prettiest photos!

    But if you look at lists of successful bloggers, they always have such strong visuals. And not just fashion bloggers; blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Design Love Fest are doing brilliantly well, too.

    I guess that’s why we need all these different bloggers around, with different things to offer, so you can choose who rocks your boat more and follow those people!


    • I hear what you’re saying and to an extent, I concur. At the end of the day, personally, I can put up with sub-par visuals if the content is of substance, I truly can. And by substance I mean well-researched pieces (C&C doesn’t fall under that for me GRIN) the likes of Man Repeller, Feline Creatures, Not Dressed As Lamb, Stuff She Likes.

      But you’re right, what’s sauce for the goose may not be sauce for the gander, and there has to be variety in order to cater to all those different readers out there. And thank the blogging gods for that.


    • Yes, it can get a tad frustrating when you’re left wanting more. But then again, maybe that was their strategy to begin with 🙂


  2. Sadly we have become an image obsessed society. It is easier and faster to quickly glance at a pretty picture than devote precious time to reading what someone wants to share via the written word.

    The visual social media blitz is perpetuating the impersonal disconnect technology has created. I fear there is no going back.

    Readers often aren’t looking for a connection.

    I liken it to reading a magazine or just flipping through it. Depending on any given day and the amount of time I have, I will choose one or the other.



    • It’s a trade off – efficiency in place of intimacy. Sad but true. What’s sadder, and perhaps far more dangerous, is that younger generations have no inkling whatsoever that there is a deficit to begin with.

      Hahahahaha!! Perfect analogy, Suzanne xoxo


  3. I have to say that it’s hard to please everyone when writing a blog. Some people just want the visual, and don’t have time to read a lengthy post while they’re scanning a blog at work, and other people love the complete opposite where it’s just about the writing. The good news is, there are many types of blogs out there to satisfy everyone 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!




    • It is, isn’t it? So many different kettles of fish out there, with disparate likes and dislikes. And true, where one actually reads blogs plays a big part in determining how much time one can spare, and, consequently, whether to spend that time on visuals or content. The funny thing is when I’m looking at a blog which has sparse content yet very strong images, I just close the tab and move on to the next blog on my reading list 🙂


  4. Marta says

    It does seem that people prefer many beautiful and glossy images as opposed to well written posts especially when it comes to fashion blogs. I enjoy reading but I do admit when it comes to fashion blogs although I prefer posts with some content I tend to get overwhelmed if posts are too long. That is probably also partly due to the fact that I read many in a day. This was a beautifully written posts and thanks for sharing your perspective on this topic.


    • You have a point, Marta. The vast majority of us are hard-pressed for time and when reading becomes a luxury, one tends to go for visual as versus text. And I should remember this so I am more selective when I choose a topic to write at length about 🙂 thank you, Marta, for bringing up a really important thing here. Thank you thank you xoxo


  5. I can’t really pick which band I belong to because I love both. I’ve also done both types of blogging. My long posts that are thought out and my short posts that only have maybe a paragraph or two because I’m in a rush. Or for example today’s post was shorter because it had a Youtube tutorial which is a lot of content (and not to mention work) in itself. There are blogs that I follow just for the images because some of them look like they came out of a magazine and then there are some blogs that I actually read all of their posts. I can understand your opinion, but we live in a very visual world and a lot of bloggers target those who are glued to social media so having great photos is what attracts followers. Personally I don’t care how many followers I have because my blogging is done just for fun and as a hobby. Thanks for linking up with me today and I’ll be pinning this to the link up board. Hope to see you back next week!



    • Like you, I blog for the sheer love of the act. Likewise, I write because I love to write (and I have been writing since I was 7), not to attract readers (although if that happens, I shan’t be unhappy). Personally I’ve tried both aspects of blogging, i.e., image-heavy as versus content-heavy, and whilst I do sometimes resort to the former for a sheer lack of time, I often find myself going back to that post, and wanting to edit the content. Somehow it peeves me to no end and leaves me very dissatisfied with myself. It either has to do with being an overachiever Asian or it’s simply me. Either way, I find myself gravitating towards blogs as well as social feeds with meat, you know? 🙂


  6. I am sometimes in mood for a well written post and other times I only want to look at good pictures!! I love all that Color and ur hair!!


    • I just want them back. They fell apart, like literally fell apart, right after I finished this shoot. I am devastated because they’re completely sold out. Sigh.


  7. Hey Sheela,
    I thought the same to myself when I saw top blogs with little words and gorgeous images…but I think in their defence, they must have made it before Google start penalizing people for next to none sentences, scattered words describing their outfits and where they bought it instead of actually writing a 500+ blog post. I was like that as I was not really truly into blogging and was using the blog more to promote my styling work, and getting my name out there. As I became more serious, I began implementing all the rules out there to rank, and simply to rank. But as I grew more fond of blogging (even though it has been since 2007 I have been at this and no I do not have an A-list blog, unfortunately for me lol), I began to tackle subjects I wanted to share with others and could not shut up about. Sometimes I do have to shut up as I do not have enough time to put ink to paper (or keying to screen in our times). Although I will steer away from eloquent writing like yours as I do not possess that skill, I still enjoy writing in plain language, one that’s familiar and will resonate with my audience but with me as well.

    Anyways, I do love your outfit and I am sad to see that sandals did not make it as they are what attracted me to your post when I saw it on the Style Nudge. I would love for you to link your post to http://the-wardrobe-stylist.com/2016/01/22/fitness-hacks-my-weeks-fashion-lessons/ I post a link up every day. You can subscribe to my list to get the notifications 🙂


    • Hi Rania, it’s true, many bloggers adopted this approach prior to the Google implementation. Sadly, though, that rule is easily circumvented these days with the ranking purchase option. It’s a sad day when one can purchase one’s spot as versus earning it, I feel. Awww thank you!! I’ve been writing since I was 7 and as a profession, I write for a living so it’s something I live breathe and dream 🙂

      I shall very happily go to your blog and link-up, I appreciate the invite xoxo


  8. What a great post to the one I read right before this! Here I did manage to see the leggins–how could I not? But the post about your time in the US and the “c” word (heehe! Cute huh?!), I still have to go back and look at the pics. I think I am in this camp: 66% pictures and 33% words. I love the beautiful pics, and I want the writing to be good. If I’m not interested in what’s being said, I skim and go back to the pictures. I think I need to change my percentages–it depends on the blogger. There’s one blog I read (I won’t name)….her pictures are insane. I keep going back for more. I don’t know how she’s taking the pics, but they grab me. Her writing on the other hand, meh. So I guess it all depends. Why do I return to a blog? Sometimes it’s for the pics, sometimes the pics and the words, but I’ll be honest, never for just the words. I like my eye candy. If I want just words I hit my lovely books! By the way, the sunglasses are spectacular! Love, Annie


    • At the end of the day, mine will depend on my mood at the time too. On the whole, I worship blogs which wax lyrical with words so eloquent but there is a teeny 5% which also appreciates the artistic value of strong visuals, be that they are clouded by an absence of prose 🙂 you, on the other hand, have a blog which beautifully marries the two elements, and that’s why I adore you.


  9. happinessatmidlife says

    We are living in a society where pictures speaks louder than words. I am so guilty of loving Instagram over other social media since it is fast to see and less to read. However, I do love reading blogs that have some meat to their posts and it’s not all about the clicks.

    Love your vibrant outfit! Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



    • They do and I too am guilty of that, Alice. But here’s the thing, when I go to Instagram, I’m expecting to be hit with a slew of images and I’m all psyched for that. However, when I’m visiting a blog, whilst I do enjoy visuals, I’m looking forward to reading some actual content so the mental anticipation is there. And when that doesn’t happen, I feel, well, let down, you know? xoxo


  10. I agree with you. I want the story that goes with the pictures whether is about a travel location or an outfit. And I want pictures that show a real person really wearing the outfit. You are immensely talented at doing both. Thank you for adding you post to my Powers the Flower link up.


    • Oh. Thank you so much for saying that, Rena. I know I have a long way to go before my pictures are where I’d ideally like them to be but positive reinforcement is always welcomed 🙂 xo


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