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The Fab 40s In Embroidery

Raindrops on roses

And whiskers on kittens


They are, indeed, a few of my favourite things.  They do not, however, play any part in this blog post.  Save perhaps the raindrops.  They’re trickling happily and in abundance from that sequinned cloud.  And those raindrops?  They be embroidered.  Which brings me to the topic of today’s post.

The Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela Writes



Two of my absolute favourite words in both the English as well as Sartorial languages.  I kid you not.  And they go perfectly with how I would describe my style, “unapologetic“.  If you’re keen to find a word (or two) to perfectly articulate yours, try Suzanne’s worksheet.  It’s truly an eyeopener.

The Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela Writes

In researching the next theme for our Fab 40s, I was completely besotted with Alessandro Michele’s Spring 2016 Collection for Gucci which was a romantic, dazzling, and decorated line-up for girly, geeky, vintage-like garments and accessories.  Loads of satins and knits.  Trims and embroidery and flowers.  Very plush and classy, aristocratic almost, with touches of spunk.  Nothing of that flaunt-it attitude Gucci was known for, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m all for a touch of peekaboo every now and again.

The Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela Writes

Although that odd, goofy pose?  Well that’s pure Carin.

The Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela Writes

To be perfectly honest, there was an entirely different outfit planned for this theme.  And photos had been taken.  But I simply wasn’t feeling it with that look.  It simply did not seem right.  And so we planned a second shoot, and I’m very glad we did because I never thought I would ever attempt anything remotely preppy yet here I am.  Plaid and pinstripes and embellished cloud et al.

But don’t lets just talk about me.  Here’s how the others interpreted Embroidery.

Kremb de la Kremb

I am COMPLETELY head over heels in love with Ann’s outfit.  Not only has she the most exquisite embroidery pieces, she conquered another trend right here, the dress over pants look, and beautifully too.

Fashion Should Be Fun

I don’t know about you but Dawn Lucy’s vest harkens me to India and the flower festivals they have, all of which are choc-a-bloc with colour and gems and trinkets and bling.  Puts a happy happy, joy joy, smile on my face.

Inside Outer Style

What a pretty departure from Dixie’s trademark rock n roll style.  This pretty frock is all things lovely and fresh and charming and nice.  And take a look at that embroidered fabric.  Absolutely stunning.

Elegantly Dressed & Stylish

For our very first installment of The Fab 40s for 2016, I’m ever so thrilled to have Jess of Elegantly Dressed & Stylish.  I know she’s no stranger to most of you, and rightly so too.  Jess is, to me, the epitome of elegance and poise.  I’ve yet to see her wear anything that doesn’t appear just right, you know?  Here, her beaded collar is beautifully highlighted against the backdrop of that mossy green cardigan with the dramatic ruffled collar.  Ahhh.  I would love to hate Jess but I adore her (and her outfits) far too much.

The Fab 40s Does Embroidery | Sheela Writes

And, there’s me.  Oh, did you notice that embellished leather collar I’ve got clipped on?  ADORE.

So pray tell, what else would you like to see us wear for 2016?

We'd love to hear from you!

Love, Sheela

~ Sweater from H&M, Plaid Top, Suede Skirt, Embellished Leather Collar & Pinstriped Fedora from Poshmark, Suede Heels from JustFab, Rings from House of Harlow ~

p/s photos by Eve

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  1. Oh how I would love to have a rummage through your wardrobe Sheela!
    What don’t I like about this look?
    What would I happily “borrow”?
    The shoes.
    The collar.
    The hat….although my “baw” heed would probably be far too big for it :o(
    That (dare I say it) Cute jumper…..sorry, but it is a bit!!
    Your stunning rings and (best accessory of all) your attitude!


    • That fedora was so narrow, I thought I’d have to smash it down to fit my head, literally!!! Thank the lord all it took was a wee bit of coaxing and coercing!! To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t like how I looked in this outfit so I thought I’d just make the best of it. Monkey around. Be goofy. And try to have fun 🙂 xoxo


  2. sandypatti says

    I’d love to wear your stunning outfit today! The sweater reminds me that rain must fall on all of us, but we can love getting wet. Love all the finishing touches too. xox



    • Oh I do, Patti, I do!! I do so love dancing in the rain. Getting drenched and enjoying the feel of raindrops on my face 🙂 I used to do that all the time as a teenager, much to the concern of my parents because I would choose those rainy days when it was particularly stormy. Rain and lightning and the ocean have always calmed me 🙂 thank you so much for your comment, Patti, much love xoxo


  3. Details, details, details. So many eye-catching, mouth-watering details, which is what I love. First the stripes of the hat, the leather collars, the raindrops on the jumper, the sleeves – I mean those gorgeous, let me be free kinda sleeves, the nail colour and the rings.
    I know what you mean about shoots being not right. Sometimes you simply need to throw it all away and start again and boom, you then hit the nail on its head!
    And I love the wide range of embroidery here.


    • Let me be free sleeves sounds absolutely perfect, Jacqueline!! I so wanted to pair this with a crisp button-down but, of course, I don’t own one so that went downhill fairly rapidly. Enter the tunic top with the plaid sleeves and tadah. As I was sharing with Samantha in a different comment, I was rather unhappy with this outfit on a whole. Whilst a part of that could be attributed to the fact that I’m not very accustomed to the preppy look, a huge part of that dissatisfaction lay in how chunky layers can make a person appear. And that train went south rather quickly too huh?? Hahahaha!! In conclusion, I wore it, didn’t like, decided to have fun with it anyway and I guess it showed? 🙂 xoxo


  4. You have one of the best shoe collections and some serious no apologies style here. You could have also written unforgettable, because that is what your style says to me.

    I agree that Gucci collection is fabulous.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Now I can’t get Julie Andrews out of my head! Thanks for that.



    • Thank you thank you thank you, Suzanne!!! Unforgettable is something I’ve worked towards my entire life. I was never called pretty or beautiful growing up. In fact, people would look at my mum, turn my way and say, what happened to you. So, from early on, I decided I didn’t want to look cute (lord, no) or pretty. If I couldn’t be called beautiful, I wanted to be striking and memorable. Unforgettable 🙂 so thank you TRULY.

      p/s growing up, we were raised on a diet of musicals, Blyton, Lewis and Christie books xoxo


  5. There’s so many fabulous pieces to your ensmeble today Sheela, it’s difficult to chose. I could wear those shoes next week on my cruise – they’re awesome. And I love all of the embroidery and the collar – all those twiddley little touches, they’re quirky and full of personality to my mind. I adore the hat and enjoyed the Carin pose too x
    Anna’s Island Style


    • I like quirky. Quirky is good. I can do quirky. And whimsical hahaha thank you, Anna, and yes, ode to Carin xoxo


  6. Awesome outfit. Love the sweater and the shoes. I’m a huge fan of embellishments and embroidery … many of my favorite pieces have one or the other or both. Some will showing up on my blog soon. Thank you for adding this post to my Powers the Flower link up.


    • I was just about to reply that I too am a big aficionado of embellishment when I realised that the majority of my embellished pieces are shoes. Or actual accessories. As versus items of clothing which have been adorned and prettied-up. I really must do this more often 🙂 wear clothes which feature some form of embellishment instead of my (not so usual but more commonly worn) printed and patterned pieces xoxo


  7. As soon as I read that first line I started singing that song in my head. The Sound of Music was one of the movies that was ALWAYS on repeat when I was younger. It switched from that or The Wizard of Oz. I love your take on this look, and the story behind it. Sometimes I do the same thing, I want a theme that has to do with the content and then I just don’t feel it’s right, something is off. Love this look, that sweater is seriously amazing! Thanks for linking up with me, hope to see you next week! I’ll be pinning this to the linkup board.


    • Me too, together with My Fair Lady and The Wizard of Oz 🙂 I’m a huge huge fan of musicals with the exception of those which don’t have happy endings like The King & I, and West Side Story. Teardrop.


  8. Loved these photos, Sheela! Your preppy look is making me smile from the inside out. Your sweater is just fabulous and I adore how you have styled it. And those shoes!!! Oh my, I need them in my life. 🙂


    • OMG Jennie, you’re like the queen of the preppy look so thank you very very much!!! I tried so hard to look as though I barely tried at all hahahahaha!!! xoxo


    • Thanks so much, Rachel. I hardly ever wear sweaters let alone embellished ones or those with appliques but this was far too adorable to pass up 🙂 xoxo


    • Hey Alice, see how far you’ve influenced me when it comes to pencil skirts? Wow, that’s like two pencil skirts in less than a month GRIN xoxo


  9. It is not possible to explain how much I adore that EMBELLISHED EMBROIDERED sweatshirt with a cloud. At the risk of sounding like I’m 18, I’m “obsessed.” Gorgeous and brimming with style. I’m a more is more kinda gal myself, so I adore your choices. xx


    • Hahahaha I think, ever so often, we women in our fab 40s, are perfectly allowed a gasp or two of obsession. I mean, I had that very same moment when I saw those fringed boots of yours. Woman, that is pure shoe heaven I tell you xoxo


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