Day: 4 Feb, 2016

Walking The Sensory Tightrope | Sheela Writes

Walking The Sensory Tightrope

Fragrance can be a heady force It evokes memories, triggers longings Conveys who you are   Why the reference to acrobatic manoeuvres, you ask? Think of it this way.  Finding a fragrance which speaks most accurately of your personality is, well, akin to walking a tightrope.  It requires perfect balance.  A slight misstep and it’s literally downhill from there.  Spray too little and you’re nothing more than a barely-there wallflower of a scent, nondescript, forgettable, easily missed. Spray too much and you’ll give everyone within a 10 feet radius (1) a migraine; (2) nausea; and/or (3) a reason to strike you off their Christmas list, permanently. No, I’m no expert in the language of scent literacy.  Quite the contrary.  You see, when I became pregnant in 1999, I developed the most violent aversion and reaction to all forms of smells ranging from perfumes to candles, potpourris to essential oils, and everything in between, including laundry detergents and creams.  A mere whiff and I would gag.  Turn green. And, inevitably, vomit. You can, therefore, imagine my …