Day: 14 Feb, 2016

What About Love | Sheela Writes

What About Love?

Yes, what about love? A heady rush to the head (and loins) Or perhaps a gentle calmness of mind, heart, soul   I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of Valentine’s Day (alright, with the exception of those who live in areas so rural that one requires a helicopter ride, several days of hiking and food rations to get there). Aside from being a trumped-up marketing tool for the likes of Hallmark and Tiffany’s, this fourteenth day of the second month of the year is, for all intents and purposes, a day to celebrate love in all forms. True, it’s tied-in a lot more with love for one’s significant other rather than anything else but in reality, Valentine’s Day is a day wherein we express gratitude and love for everyone who matters in our lives. Be they spouse, child, brother, sister, father, mother, BFF.  I draw the line at employer, although personally, I am married to mine. Funny how we met. O N L I N E No, not as in Match.  Those sort of …