Does Pink Really Exist?

Is Pink a made-up colour?

Is it even real?


Or simply the act of wishful thinking, our brain blending red and violet wavelengths together to create the colour of many little girls’ birthday parties? And I’m not talking about the artiste once known as Alecia Moore. I’m also surmising that you’re somewhat bewildered by the title of this post since my covershot has absolutely no pink whatsoever in it. At all.

Perhaps these subsequent images will be of some help.

Does Pink Really Exist | Sheela WritesDoes Pink Really Exist | Sheela WritesDoes Pink Really Exist | Sheela Writes

And while it’s perfectly true that no single wavelength of light appears pink, and that pink requires an amalgamation of both red as well as violet lights, does that equate a drummed-up, imaginary existence for what Pantone has coined as one of the two colours of 2016? I’m not so sure.

Further food for thought: colour itself is merely an interpretation presented by our brain, meaning no other colour is really out there.  Colour is a sensation which arises in your head.  It’s how you interpret it then name it and, consequently, categorise it.


Does Pink Really Exist | Sheela WritesDoes Pink Really Exist | Sheela WritesDoes Pink Really Exist | Sheela Writes

(ignore watering hose in the background, please)

So when you think about it, pink is real (or it is not) but it is just as real (or not-real) as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Does Pink Really Exist | Sheela WritesDoes Pink Really Exist | Sheela WritesDoes Pink Really Exist | Sheela Writes

Am I making sense?  Or am I merely adding to the already convoluted debate?  To be honest, I’d never even considered the possibility of pink not being a colour.  I mean, it’s a shade we’ve come to associate with so many icons not the least being the Breast Cancer movement; love; Barbie even.

Does Pink Really Exist | Sheela Writes

What say you?

What are your thoughts on this war against pink?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

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29 Replies to “Does Pink Really Exist?”

    1. Hahahaha yeah. It’s all in our heads, apparently. You wouldn’t believe the endless pile of arguments I found on the internet, debating the existence (or lack thereof) of the colour pink #firstworldproblems xoxo


    1. I love love LOVE shoes. I’d marry them if I could, although picking a fave would be so very hard that I’d be a shoe polygamist, I’m guessing. I know, right??? What a mind-boggling concept. That pink isn’t really there. Or is it?


  1. What a thoughtful post. If we think like that none other of the 7 colors of the rainbow truly exist. But then there is black and there is white and neither of them is made up of two other colors. You definitely made my brain think extra hard though. Your red peep-toe booties, clutch and cocktail ring are gorgeous. I want them.

    Also, I had to laugh at your reply to Shauna because I feel the exact same way. I am definitely a shoe polygamist.


    1. Precisely, and isn’t that the most provocative thought? That none of the colours we know so well and are oh so familiar with, truly exist? I can’t imagine a black and white world. And yet my mind continues to question the validity of what society claims as colours 🙂 although, I confess, in the interim, I’m quite happy to continue having fun with real/non real colours for as long as I possibly can!!!

      I bet there are loads of us shoe polygamists out there, just waiting to be discovered and bond xoxo


    1. It is, thanks to loads of pro-girly movements, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing although I personally believe pink needs to be either applied in small, measured doses, or watered down to a somewhat less conspicuous hue. When I had my daughter, I did everything in Purple LOL good on you for doing things your way. Who said it has to be pink if it’s a girl, right???


  2. I personally pick coral over pink, but I really like how you styled it. Pink and red are beginning to be one of my favorites.
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  3. I don’t like pink if it’s too frilly. I like mine with a bit of an edge which you have achieved by pairing it with red. Love the discussion on interpretation of color and thank you for adding your post to my link up.


    1. Me neither. It has to have some sort of edge to it, or a “hard” element, to detract from the candy floss nature of pink 🙂 you’re very welcomed!! I was personally very intrigued by the topic once I started delving into it.


  4. Interesting thoughts, Sheela! Pink may not be a real color on its own (rather it’s an amalgamation of red and purple), but I must say it looks great on you! Love the pants and the shoes!

    – Liz @ Downtown Demure


    1. Thank you so much, Liz!!! Until this month, I’d never even experimented with pink and red together but they’re fast endearing themselves to my sartorial side 🙂


  5. Hmm, I could have sworn I commented over here, but maybe it was on Instagram. Am I losing it? Most likely.

    You know what I’ll be saying about this outfit: that bag! THAT BAG! It’s super cool. And here you are again being all colorful Sheela.

    Oh, I think I know what happened–the thing that usually happens. I think my words and writing but then I don’t actually write them down. It’s an awful habit and unfortunately no one is able to read my mind so they miss all these words I’ve written in my head! Ugh!!

    Ok, the thing I remember wanting to tell you about this outfit, and don’t scream at me, but I think this. I think it’s a really cute outfit. I know how you hate that word. But honey, pink and red and white stripes. This is cute to me. But not in a little girl way but more like “I want to wear this!” way.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


    1. Noooooo, Annie, say it isn’t so (protests Sheela even as she is truly guffawing aloud, alone, at her laptop)!!!! I’ll admit that there is an element of cuteness in anything which contains bubblegum colours and pink most certainly falls within that category, no matter the hue/intensity 🙂 alright alright, it DOES give off a cute vibe, that is true so thank you!!

      And that mind thing, it happens to me so much that I’ve often wondered if I’m suffering from early onset of Alzheimer’s. I’m not joking!!! xoxoxo


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