Day: 17 Feb, 2016

Sunny Side Up | Sheela Writes

Sunny Side Up

Half Fry Bina Palti Or Medama Yaki In Japanese   Exotic words which describe the one same thing – a sunny side up.  I kid you not. Have you ever worn something purely for the fun of it?  And not because it was (a) climate appropriate (b) situation appropriate (c) age appropriate (d) just appropriate?  I have to say that personally, I often intentionally go out of my way to wear something which is completely the opposite of what’s expected of me. And for no other reason save to defy convention. E X A M P L E For as long as I can remember, I eschew the colours Red and Pink for the first day of Chinese New Year.  Instead, I’d wear something like Purple or Navy or, for the most part, Black.  Yes, Black is typically frowned upon by the conservative  but as we all know, I’m far from being a traditional Chinese in mentality. Caveat: whenever I wore Black those 15 days of the lunar month, I’d wear jewellery to rival the …