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Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up | Sheela Writes

Half Fry Bina Palti

Or Medama Yaki In Japanese


Exotic words which describe the one same thing – a sunny side up.  I kid you not.

Have you ever worn something purely for the fun of it?  And not because it was (a) climate appropriate (b) situation appropriate (c) age appropriate (d) just appropriate?  I have to say that personally, I often intentionally go out of my way to wear something which is completely the opposite of what’s expected of me. And for no other reason save to defy convention.



For as long as I can remember, I eschew the colours Red and Pink for the first day of Chinese New Year.  Instead, I’d wear something like Purple or Navy or, for the most part, Black.  Yes, Black is typically frowned upon by the conservative  but as we all know, I’m far from being a traditional Chinese in mentality.


Caveat: whenever I wore Black those 15 days of the lunar month, I’d wear jewellery to rival the weight of a WWF champion so it wasn’t all black and evil, to appease my dad’s exceedingly conservative mother otherwise she’d nag my mum’s ears off.

So when this sunny side up confection popped up in my Poshmark feed, I knew it was a sign. A sign to have some fun.  To remind myself to keep enjoying what I wear, and to not take things too seriously.


Especially when it’s to mark my first ever professional shoot.  Which, in turn, marks the very first time I’m stepping out of my backyard, frontyard and side brick wall to take pictures of what I’m wearing.

Let’s just say it was quite the experience.


An experience which involved (a) loads of coaxing from Sofia and Eve to get me to pose (b) innumerable not-so-subtle glances from passersby at the park, note that I live in a very conservative neighbourhood, and (c) a questionable middle-aged Asian guy wearing a red and white basketball jersey with matching shorts, headphones on, rollerblading up and down the street behind me.

After 4 looks, 4 locations and too many stares to count, I was ready to call it a day.  Go home, take the heels off.  Soak my aching soles.  And order ramen in.  Some sashimi too.

Do you do the same, as in, fit in as many outfits as you can within a specific timeframe?  You know, maximise time et al?  Or do you shoot one outfit at a time?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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  1. When they stare, just let your inner diva come out and play. A few days ago, my photographer (aka The Husband) and I were reviewing pics in other blogs and discussing ways we could improve on the ones in mine. I try to maximize our mutually available time and get pics done for as many as 3 or 4 outfits in a couple of hours so we usually take the pics in different spots in our immediate neighborhood. The photographer wants to try more location shoots further from home which would take more time when you factor for travel and it would limit the number of outfits per shoot (where would I change?). Not sure if I’m ready for that.


    • When they stare, I just either look away awkwardly or smile awkwardly, depending on how they’re staring LOL yes, I’m the same. I don’t like to venture too far from home so I can change in the comfort of my room. Thankfully my 16 year old likes to come along so she’s the one who ensures everything’s in place. My photographer was telling me that oftentimes, her other clients would change in the car or find a location whereby there’s a Starbucks (or similar) so they can change in the toilet. She also has this portable changing thingy for those who dare. Not sure if I’m ready for that myself 🙂


  2. Sheela. What a great look! Those shoes are insane in the very best way. And who wears an egg shirt? You do. And you look adorable.


    • Connie!!! Hello there my sunshiney friend 🙂 thank you so much!! Loads of firsts for me in this outfit none the least being those shoes. I’m still on the fence where they’re concerned. I’m not certain I like the way my legs look when they’re on my feet, a wee bit stumpy and cut off, I feel, but for they’re awesome for visual impact, yes. Hahahahaha yes, trust me to walk around with egg on my chest GRIN


  3. What a great look! So much fun! I’d cross the street just to chat to you.

    I love the quirky details.

    Those colours are wonderful on you. As usual your selection of footwear is museum worthy.

    If I am in the mood I will try to take as many outfits as I can on the same day. Lately though I haven’t been managing more than a couple at a time. I take my photos with a tripod. Since it is freezing outside (literally) and covered with snow I’m not taking outdoor photos. It’s all indoor which means lighting issues that drive me nuts, as we have next to no natural light in our house.

    I also find I need to have a good self esteem day to make more outfits possible. Otherwise I just look grumpy.



    • Oh my god, tell me about it, Suzanne, I seem to have fewer and fewer good self esteem days lately. Apparently, I’m not just grumpy, I chew heads off. Which probably explains why Eve welcomed the idea of a professional photographer so happily and cheerfully LOL

      In the past, I would normally take one outfit per shoot because my shoots happen when Eve gets home from school and the poor girl is already exhausted so we squeeze in a quick stint, nothing longer than 10 minutes, to be honest. Now that Sofia (my photographer) is in the picture, I’m allotted up to 6 outfits per shoot but typically, I’m only able to do 4, maximum 5, before fatigue kicks in and all I want to do is strip down to PJs, lounge on the couch and Netflix the evening away 🙂 xoxo


  4. Isn’t that what fashion is all about? Having fun! I think your sweater is adorable. We just had sunny side up eggs this weekend so this is perfect for me!! hehe
    Thanks for linking up with our Tuesday Fashion Party Link Up!


    • Yes, it absolutely is, Katey!!! Enjoying the hell out of everything we choose to wear 🙂 oh, hahaha!!! I think your sunny side up must have been far more delectable than mine xoxo


  5. I’d have to think well to see if I actually did wear something for the heck of it. I’ve also in my past sported jewellery heavier than I am lol…but I love it because all you need is one or two pieces and it creates the whole look.


    • With your outgoing personality, I’d be surprised if you haven’t, Rania 🙂 and isn’t jewellery the easiest way to make an outfit all your very own? Jewellery and shoes and bags, alright, the entire category of accessories 🙂 xoxo


  6. This is such a quirky and fun top Sheela! And your platforms are amazing. I know what you mean by getting weird looks form bypassing onlookers but your photos came out great and you look like you had fun doing so. Don’t forget to link up this great style on my Weekend Wear Friday linkup!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom


    • I must give props to my photographer for her patience and to my 16 year old for her prompts. Together, they were able to make me look halfway decent and for that, I shall be eternally grateful hahahaha!!! How do you feel with the stares, Sheree???

      p/s see at the link-up 🙂


    • My little photographer (as in my 16 year old daughter) and I squeeze in shoots between when she gets back from school and a break from work for me. But recently, I engaged a professional photographer to do weekly shoots so fingers crossed things will be a little more consistent here 🙂


  7. You look totally fab in this outift Sheela. I love, love, love those shoes and have bit of sock envy too. At my age I really think it’s too late for me to wear ankle socks, as they are uber cute and that’s not what gals of my age are! You, however, are most definitely uber cute in them. Well done with your outdoors photo shoot. It looks great and you do look perfectly at home. I’m going to do more location shoots this year I’ve decided. I’m bored of my back garden backdrop.
    Anna’s Island Style


    • Anna, you are one of my style heroes. You wear every colour and every print, and every permutation of the two together, beautifully, confidently, unabashedly. You will have absolutely no difficulties in pulling off ankle socks with utter panache, of that I am certain 🙂 xoxo


  8. This is so adorable, and so suits your personality. Love everything about it, especially punctuated by polka dot socks!


    • I know, right??? And those socks were like the very last minute thing I added LOL thank you so much for stopping by, Lisa 🙂


  9. Sometimes it’s those outfits that are out of our comfort zone that makes us grind from ear to ear. When it comes to blogging and taking pics, it all depends. There are some weekends where I can prep and take pics, while other days I take them during the week.


    • You’re very right, Melissa. And sometimes the outfits we invest the most time in, turn out to be the not so good ones because we’ve overthought the entire process 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Rachel, so very much. I hope to always curate the unexpected because I feel that’s what makes dressing up so much fun xoxo


  10. Well, well, well. Beautiful! Sheela, Sofia really pulled the best out of you. I’m enchanted with these images. Gorgeous! The one (let me go count), Pic #5, oh! Oh, oh, oh! You’re so pretty la! Those freckles. I want to gobble you up. The hat floppy flopping ever so cooly to the side. Wow. Really good Sheela, really good.

    Bravo!! By the way, I’m on this Veg Keto Meal Two Week Meal Plan. I love eggs, but this might do me in. I’m egged out!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


    • Hahahaha gobble me up and spit me out GRIN

      Are you enjoying the meal plan? Is it helping in any visible/tangible way yet?

      Love you loads and loads!!!


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  12. Oh wow, this is probably my most favourite outfit from you EVER. I know what you mean about wearing something JUST for the fun of it! And by the way I seriously want that top, too.

    The accessories are so on point. Gotta say, I am CRAZY about those shoes. I’ve been looking for something similar but so far, no luck in finding the perfect ones! There were loadsss in Tokyo but they’re always either too high or too clunky, and they all felt like they would give me blisters in a minute =( I really love your pair here, SO prettyyy.


    • LOL I deeply regret listing it in my Poshmark closet, Liyana, it sold within 2 days and has been with its merry new owner for almost 3 weeks now 🙂 the creepers??? Babes, it’s from Charles & Keith so I say go forth and procure!!!


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