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My Technicolour Dream Coat

It was a statement garment

A coat of many colours


We all know the potent role colour plays in conveying emotions and thoughts.  In expressing our state of mind at that precise moment.  How strong a tool it can be to drive an opinion home.  But that’s not what this post is focusing on.  Ha.  Got you.


That’s what we’re talking about today.

My Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela WritesMy Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela WritesMy Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela Writes

For as long as I can remember, I have the most brilliantly coloured dreams.  A spectacular array of hues when it comes to nice ones but an absolute torture when I have nightmares.  Nothing quite like a visual relief to bring those monsters to live 3D action, eh.

And I do tend to dream in colour.  Which makes me wonder, how many of us dream in colour, how many in B&W?

My Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela WritesMy Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela Writes

Does everyone recall their dreams as being vivid with the intensity of a technicolour production?  Wherein the gamut of colours runs from Red to Pink (if pink is for real, of course), Blue to Yellow, and everything in between?  Or in monochrome mode?  In Black and White, or shades of Grey, perhaps.

Do you ever wonder about that?

My Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela WritesMy Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela WritesMy Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela Writes

I do.  Often.

What does it mean when someone dreams in colour, or doesn’t?  If colour stimulates emotion in the waking state, do emotional memories stimulate colour in the dream state?  Do our personalities affect the frequency with which we recall colours from our dreams?  Do we respond to specific colours in our dreams, in the precise same fashion as we would when awake?

My Technicolour Dream Coat | Sheela Writes

I believe that colour contains emotional associations that are rarely related to our traditional opinions about colour, but instead, a deeper personal and instinctive emotional response.  Essentially, colour “paints” a dream image with feelings.  It amplifies.  Compensates.  Complements.  It evokes response rarely associated with rational thought.

And on that fairly Freudian note, I end with the question – do you dream in colour?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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    • Isn’t it just, Siffat? One of the loveliest pieces I’ve ever purchased, and for a song too. I believe it cost me $40?


  1. I definitely dream in colour, and I dream of clothes like this coat! I love that clutch as well. xx


    • Oooh you should try to track them, Rena 🙂 I remember keeping a dream journal when I was younger and flipping through the pages was a trippy if somewhat fascinating walk down memory lane. And thank you again for showcasing my outfit, that was so kind of you, really. The shoes? From Charles & Keith 🙂 I believe they’re on sale now too.


  2. Great bright colors without being busy. You rock that coat! Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! I hope you will join me at #Wonderful Wednesday.


  3. No Fear of Fashion says

    I have no idea whether I dream in colour or not. If I do, then they are not very vivid. Alas. I do know I usually do not dream nice. I often wake up thinking: “thank God that my real life is not like that”. A psychologist.. that’s what I need.
    As for your coat: it is terrific, it is beautiful, it is one of a kind. If you ever get tired of it, name your price. I also adore your sweater. Can I get the brandname?
    And the close-up of you is soooo nice. How about using it as your avatar?


    • Hahaha if it’s any consolation, I think I need to see someone about my dreams too. They’re far too vivid and realistic to not be manifestations of happenings in real life which is rather disconcerting LOL I dream of dungeons and demons and dragons as frequently as I dream of unicorns, rainbows and magic.

      I’ve actually listed my coat on Poshmark, Greetje, if you want it, just let me know and I’ll give you my special buddy price because you’re my special buddy 🙂 the heart tee shirt is thrifted, unfortunately, from Goodwill which is very similar to the Salvation Army xoxo

      p/s oh yeah, I must change my avatar, that photo is soooo old!!!


  4. paul says

    great colors, beautiful photos, and it does exist, will have to show you personally 🙂


  5. This coat is a beauty…and that clutch and bag??? Hello!!
    A great look.
    I dream in full colour, with smells and sounds …the full works!
    When I was a teen (an d a young adult) I would purposely go to bed, not because I was tired and needed sleep, just for the joy of dreaming.
    Now that I am older, my dreams can be disturbed….it must be all of the worries and responsibilities we juggle as time creeps forward.
    When I get a good one though…..by gosh I hate that alarm!!! :oD


    • The coat is truly a dreamy piece 🙂 the clutch was thrifted, an amazing find. I was SO blessed to buy it and for a mere song too.

      Oh wow, Sam, your dreams sound amazing. Mine are often a mix of nightmares though, or I should say, a healthy heaping of nightmares. Sigh. Growing up is very much overrated.


  6. lol..yes dreaming in colours…I think my dreams are in colour, but vivid, no. they are not augmented reality, in fact they seem pretty normal, when I can remember, as often I don’t, unless it’s meaningless or a nightmare lol…I do love your pieces and gotta ask where you go them. They are fantastic!


    • Hey Rania 🙂 the coat is from Sheinside, the heart tee was thrifted from Goodwill and the jeans are Forever21. My shoes were a gift from my daughter several birthdays ago and the bag, Botkier via Depop xoxo


  7. sandypatti says

    Wonderful photos and colors, Sheela! And my dreams are vivid and usually colorful. Since I am a shrink, I’m always trying to interpret them, but some of them defy analysis! Thaks for linking,



  8. aluiza__ says

    Just a fun coat perfect for winter when that is all we see of each other’s outfits
    Thanks for linking up with us on Start the Week Stylish
    – Ana Luiza
    Northwest Blonde


  9. I love your coat! I’ve seen some similar ones lately, and it definitely makes me want one! Your outfit is fab, and love the leopard print booties. I’m wearing a leopard print coat on my latest post, it looks like A LOT of people were feeling leopardy lately, lol!

    Kasi | http://www.thestyleperk.com


    • It feels really good to know that something I’ve loved since I was a teenager (OMG that’s over 3 decades ago) is now trending LOL thank you so much for stopping by, Kasi, have a good weekend ahead xoxo


    • Me too, Jacqueline, me too!!! And would you believe it only cost me $40? Or $50? I can’t remember, but it’s worth every single cent 🙂 so too the Botkier bag. Thank you so much for commenting, you know how much I appreciate it whenever my friends come visit xoxo


  10. I dream in color. And after these pics–again especially that closeup–I’ll be dreaming of you! Pure loveliness! Have I been in your dreams. I think you’ve been in mine!


    Love, Annie of Kremb de la Kremb

    PS Sofia ROCKS!!


  11. I believe I dream in color. Since I was a child I have been plagued with having bad dreams. Often of people chasing me or coming after me and there is always some reason I can’t get away like Im running in slow motion. As I have gotten older I realize that they are often attached to stress and come when I have a lot on my mind. So I try to calm myself and my before I go to sleep and they do seem to happen a lot less frequently these day :-). …. Anyhow, I love that coat. I saw one similar online and liked it but wasn’t quite sure I would feel about it in real life, but I see that I would love it as much as I thought I would. Thanks … PS Also thanks for linking up with Mahogany Closet Mondays Fashion Link Up!!!!



    • Me too, Melissa. I often find myself much more calm whenever I use a sheetmask just before bed. It appears to make the world of difference in terms of whether I have rainbow dreams or 3D nightmares 🙂 that coat is worth every penny, pinkie promise!!! Oh oh please do go join my link-up? It’s my very first and revolves around the mantra that women should never pay any attention to naysayers who claim there’s such a thing as age-appropriate dressing. It advocates the concept that style is purely ageless 🙂 it’s the Red Rules post, the current one xoxo


  12. Good question, do we dream in color or black and white. Huh! That is something to ponder for sure. Lovely post friend and I love that tee, what a statement.
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo


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    • Thanks so much, Michelle 🙂 I only wish Houston could experience a far longer cold spell so I could wear this a bit more.


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