You Spin Me

Like a record, baby

Right round, round, round


Who else loves disco?  I love disco.  Not necessarily the entire spectrum of disco music and disco style but certainly a bit here, a bit there.  I love me some Boney M, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and who could forget that kickass of an anthem from Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive.

Appropriate much for a Monday post, yes?


Start-of-a-new-week-grind aside, I felt compelled to touch on the topic of disco not because this post focuses on that era but rather, because, to me, my shoes look like disco balls with heels.


Or, from another angle, they could easily pass as shards of glass which may actually come across as being far edgier than disco balls.  Incidentally, this look is a perfect representation of how I put together an outfit, i.e., around my shoes.  It’s something which happens very frequently with me, and, I do fancy, not that rare an occurrence for many of us.  Come to think of it, the vast majority of my outfits revolve around a star accessory be it in the form of bag or trinkets or, as in this instance, shoes.


I know I’m not alone.

Many women do quite the same.


Specifically, I remember a good friend of mine.  She’s Russian and we used to work together in Singapore.  Day to day to day, her outfits would centre around her bag.  That’s right.  Her choice of bag dictated what she wore on any given day.  As in she took it to the extreme.  If her bag was tan, her entire outfit would be in that colour palette.  If it was red … you get the picture.  I remember once that her bag was this really bright shade of apple green #cringe

I still love you, Nat.


And then there was this other friend whose lifeline was jewellery, in particular, necklaces.  She would create entire personas around the jewellery she chose to wear that moment.  If it was pearls, out came the cardigan twinset and kitten pumps.  If it was thick gold chains and bold rings, she’d be in something floral and loud, or in jogger pants complete with cap.  I kid you not.  I love this woman.

So bold.

What an adventurous soul.


I’m curious, do you play along the same lines?  Do accessories determine your #ootd?  Or the other way around?  Spill!!!

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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40 Replies to “You Spin Me”

  1. Those shoes are amazing!! I love the outfit you created around them. I create outfits around different items each time. Usually it’s something that I haven’t worn or used in a while. I love your friend’s system of making the whole outfit the same colour as her purse. I ‘d love to be able to pull that off 🙂


    1. Yeah, Nat had skills in doing that. Sometimes, they were hits. Sometimes, not so much 🙂 either way, I adored her then and I adore her now although she’s since relocated to Australia, and I haven’t seen her in ages 🙂


  2. Oh my friend, I already told you on Insta, those boots are fierce…with a capital “F”! Ahhh…the BeeGees. Barry was a such a delightful slice of man. And honestly, I harbored a great love for the younger, lesser known Gibb…Andy. I always build my outfits around something, whether it be shoes, a top, a necklace. But there is always a starting point, I’d be lost without one!


    1. I do too but I also realise I never quite set out to do so intentionally, you know. It just happens that way. Each and every single time 🙂

      Would you believe this cape and my technicolour dream coat arrived, in the mail, just 30 minutes before my photographer showed up?? Meant to be xoxo

      p/s we actually shot this outfit on the fringes of a construction site, the workers had a field day GRIN


    1. My husband built me a shoe closet, it’s a smaller version of Mia’s in Princess Diary 1 🙂 I have a line-up of shoes which I would never ever part with, and there’s also a smaller rotation which I purchase specifically based on trend and/or a particular outfit. After it’s been photographed, it gets listed in my Poshmark closet so at any one time, I have well over 60 pairs on hand. I used to be worse actually. Before my daughter was born, I had a shoe room, it housed 547 pairs of shoes. All nicely catalogued by colour and heel height, with Polaroids taped on the outside of each box for ease of identification.

      I know.

      I had a problem xoxo


    1. Thanks SO much, Vivian!! I remember once, many years ago, in 1999 to be precise, I was holding my then baby girl and an elderly lady came up, commenting how pretty she was. She then said to me that my lips were so thick and ugly, thankfully my baby didn’t have them. Oy 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Amber!! I wish it’d stay cold longer here in Houston so I could get more wear out of thick pieces of clothing but alas, that’s not the case 🙂


    1. Ha. Yes. Pete Burns. Much prettier than a lady too 🙂 I remember thinking wow. He uses so much make-up but that was it. I didn’t even pick up on the skirt/wearing dress thingy LOL thanks so much for coming by, Jess, you know I really appreciate it xoxo


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