Day: 2 Mar, 2016

Sunset Years | Sheela Writes

Sunset Years

Ageing and getting older. The golden chapters of one’s life.   It seems I’ve been talking about growing old up quite a bit lately. Could it be I’m beginning to feel the strain of attempting to vinify like fine wine?  I realise there will come a day when sheetmasks can no longer eradicate the aftermath of a scant 3, 4 hours of sleep or (she quietly confesses), the consequences of going to bed without removing the gunk from one’s face.  When the lure of a needle may very well silence the fear of judgement and appeal to the narcissist in me which, I’m well aware, lurks barely below the surface of my vanity. I suspect all these thoughts have to do with several factors, not the least being that end this month, I intend to go for a procedure called CoolSculpting. HOLD THE BULLETS I LOOK CROSS-EYED IN THE FIRST PICTURE GRIN So, yes, hold your fire. It’s been on my mind for some time.  This weight that I’ve gained.  Over the past 12 months, …