Day: 9 Mar, 2016

My Guilty Pleasure | Sheela Writes

My Guilty Pleasure

I’ve something to tell you. A dirty little secret I simply must share.   I’m somewhat obsessed with watching the Kardashian/Jenner women in all their faux glory.  It’s a little known guilty pleasure of mine.  Their outbursts and fits of petulance.  The neverending stream of drama permeating their lives on a daily basis, albeit many of which are self-induced, that in turn lead to seemingly irrational acts. (Questionable) style choices.  Mostly that.  Specifically Kourtney (her clothes, her hair), Kylie (damn those elusive lip kits, they’re always sold out) and Kendall (she’s the only one, aside from Kourtney, who doesn’t walk around caked with make-up). Wait, does that make me a groupie? #dontjudge While we’re being honest here, I’ll confess I rather admire Kimmy Cakes.  I don’t quite like her as a person but I respect how she’s built this amazingly lucrative empire.  In fact, I never realised just how sharp she was until I started watching the show (it all began with Bruce becoming Caitlin, I couldn’t stay away).  Witnessing how she consistently repackaged herself/her …