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My Guilty Pleasure

My Guilty Pleasure | Sheela Writes

I’ve something to tell you.

A dirty little secret I simply must share.


I’m somewhat obsessed with watching the Kardashian/Jenner women in all their faux glory.  It’s a little known guilty pleasure of mine.  Their outbursts and fits of petulance.  The neverending stream of drama permeating their lives on a daily basis, albeit many of which are self-induced, that in turn lead to seemingly irrational acts. (Questionable) style choices.  Mostly that.  Specifically Kourtney (her clothes, her hair), Kylie (damn those elusive lip kits, they’re always sold out) and Kendall (she’s the only one, aside from Kourtney, who doesn’t walk around caked with make-up).

Wait, does that make me a groupie?


My Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela Writes

While we’re being honest here, I’ll confess I rather admire Kimmy Cakes.  I don’t quite like her as a person but I respect how she’s built this amazingly lucrative empire.  In fact, I never realised just how sharp she was until I started watching the show (it all began with Bruce becoming Caitlin, I couldn’t stay away).  Witnessing how she consistently repackaged herself/her brand to sustain commercial viability.  Before that, I thought only Madonna possessed such impressive marketing skills.

So why am I now airing my dirty laundry?

My Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela Writes

To explain, in a somewhat catawampus sort of fashion, why I’m wearing a Kendall tee shirt.  I’d have loved it more had it been a Kylie or Kourtney but customisation wasn’t an option.

Admittedly, I felt a wee bit awkward when I first put it on.  Like I’d been caught with my pants down or with my hand in the cookie jar wearing something age-inappropriate.  A thought I instantly banished.  Never again.  Out the window you go, ludicrous misconception about what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

There’s no place for you in my head.

My Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela Writes

Besides, remember when I said 2016 would the year of many firsts?  Not just in terms of what I choose to do but also in what I choose to wear.

I’ve done feathersPreppy (this one was tough).  JumpsuitCulottes.  Had egg on my chest.  Even took on a pencil skirt.  And now, a Jenner top. Oh and with a leather bow in my hair too.  Just to be clear, this tee shirt?  It’s exceedingly well-made and soft and I really like it.  A lot.

 And no, I'm not paid to say that GRIN

My Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela WritesMy Guilty Pleasure | Sheela Writes

It’s your turn to come clean.

Do I look like a wannabe rebellious teenager with angst to spare?  A throwback to Papa Don’t Preach, perhaps?  Or have I achieved the vibe I was going for, namely casual with a touch of kickass?

Be honest now.

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Eve

I link up here.

Checkered Faux Fur Coat (Forever21) | Kendall 95 Tee (sold out) | Corset Suede Boots (old, can’t remember) | Rings & Leather Bow Hairband (Poshmark)


    • Hahahaha I think there may be a really small group who’d openly admit to watching the Kardashians, Kathrine, I haven’t had such a low response to a blog post ever GRIN xoxo


    • Oh thank you god!!! I’ve never had these few comments on a blog post before and I was really beginning to think I was alone in my “fetish” for watching the Kardashians GRIN


  1. Wish I could ‘fess up to some K viewing but I don’t, haven’t as yet, but maybe need to take a look to see what I’m missing. I love this fur coat, also you always have such fabulous rings Sheela. They really add a feminine touch, no a very personal take on your outfit.
    I really admire your style of blogging, love your honesty, and think this must earn you a huge following and well deserved readership.
    Anna x
    Anna’s Island Style


    • LOL it’s a 45 minute (sans commercials) break away from the humdrum of life. The Kardashians provide me with some entertaining drama from which I can turn away with the mere click of a remote switch. If only it were as easy in real life 🙂

      I really try to be honest, Anna, I really do. That wasn’t always the case though. I started out by writing things I thought people would want to read, and it felt very fake to me so I stopped. It was around the time I took a 2 year sabbatical from blogging. When I came back to it full-time last November, I told myself no more niceties all the time, no more plasticity. Just the facts as they stand 🙂 xoxo


  2. robjodiefilogomo says

    I’d say you’re definitely voicing out kickass with this look—the boots & fur!
    I have to admit to never seeing that show though—I don’t get much of a say when we’re watching tv…mostly because I’m usually knitting or playing candy crush (that’s my dirty secret)—so non-productive and I don’t even get fashion ideas from it–ha ha!!
    ps…I actually want to make my own t-shirt—with my name on it!!


    • Hahahaha!! I confess that I don’t get any sartorial tips from the show either, most of what I like is derived from their individual apps (arrgghh, yet another secret come to light!!). Pssst. I love playing Badaboom myself. EPIC.

      p/s I want to make my own tee shirt too, let’s share costs!!


    • It was indeed, Shauna, and I have a second confession to make. I purchased this in two different colours. One Beige and the other Blush. I’m so keeping the latter 🙂


  3. That is SO weird, your thoughts on the Kardashians and the Jenners are almost exactly like mine. Except in my case it’s more like I’m airing clean laundry out in the open for everybody to see! My friends and family know I keep up with the Kardashians (and the Jenners). I love watching their show mostly to get a glimpse of what they wear and to study their makeup, which is always impeccable. I too, think Kim is quite business-savvy. I’ve tried arguing with people about how I think she must be a good businesswoman, to have created quite an empire (I used that word, too!) but most people just brushed it off and call her an “opportunist”. Ah well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right?

    By the way, cute t-shirt and faux fur coat! I love sweet delicate gold rings, always stacking them up, so I really, really like the two rings you have on your right hand.

    xoLiyana | Affordorable


    • Great minds et al, Liyana!! Great minds!!! And you’ve no idea how worried I was when the comments didn’t come pouring in. I honestly thought I’d finally hit the oversharing barrier by revealing how much I enjoy watching the Kardashians and their soapbox lives!!!


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