Day: 11 Mar, 2016

Being Confident & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Being Confident + A Link-Up

What’s wrong with being confident? What’s wrong with being who you really are?   Nothing. Not a single thing. And if that opening line appears familiar, it’s Ms Lovato’s anthem (I love you, Demi).  If it isn’t yours yet, I urge you to give it a go listen. So, I was staring at my blank screen, seeking inspiration to craft the story behind this look.  That’s how it works actually, I look at the photographs, the location, the expressions on my face, something sparks a thought, a memory, and the writing begins.  As I was looking intensely at the laptop, I started humming the song.  Out of the blue.  Although, in my mind, I edited the lyrics a tad.  I hummed, “What’s the matter with being confident, a-haaa!“.  It runs in the family, in fact, this innate ability to revise words/names/songs, as my dad and my brother would attest.  Fact: my mother is very skilled in rebaptising people and renaming roads. I KID YOU NOT. Why the topic “confidence“, you ask? Well, as I said, …