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Lipstick Love

Clarins On The Lips | Sheela Writes

I love lipsticks.

But that’s no secret, right?


Last I counted, I’m the proud owner of approximately 317 lipsticks.  Yes, I heard your gasp, and it’s perfectly understandable.  That’s quite the exaggerated quantity for someone in possession of a mere single pair of lips, I know (and in my defense, there are others who have much much more).  But this is how it looks from where I’m standing.  Lipsticks are one of the most affordable accessories available, easily perceived as the finishing touch to an outfit.


Brown Sugar by Avon.  Despite images currently shown on the web, I remember it as being a striking geisha red.  Rich and creamy with a satin finish.  And I also vividly recall that no matter how tired she was or simply dressed, my mother would never ever be seen in public without lipstick and that lipstick was a look-at-me-I’m-fabulous red.  That was such a beautiful childhood memory, don’t you think?

When it comes to lipsticks, although my preference tends to slant towards roses and reds, I’ll try any shade at least twice.  To see how it works with my skintone, and under different lightings.

Clarins On The Lips | Sheela WritesClarins On The Lips | Sheela Writes

Let’s start with Lilac Pink ($28), a delicate shade from the Clarins SS2016 Collection.  From the tube, it promised a powdery pink, with a hint of mauve.  On the lips, whilst creamy, it delivered a colour that proved just a wee bit too pale for my personal liking.  I do feel it’d look beautiful on someone with either a lighter or darker complexion.

My complexion is simply too in between for this to work.

Clarins On The Lips | Sheela WritesClarins On The Lips | Sheela Writes

Now this dazzling number appeals to me.  It screams “look at me!!”.  It’s bold.  It’s sexy.  It’s unapologetic.  Best of all, the colour is as every bit as intense on my lips as the tube hints, and with only one application too.  There’s a richness to Joli Rouge (the star of this collection, for good reason) ($28) which leaves behind a lasting impression of velvety smoothness.  I like.  I like very much.

Clarins On The Lips | Sheela Writes

Next up, a hybrid skincare+gloss product labelled as the wunderkid of the collection, the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Toffee Pink Shimmer.


She’s not a big fan.  And whilst this claims to be both skincare as well as lippy, I’m still not sold.  I’m neither fond of the gloopy texture nor the inconsistent application.  It’s a miss for me.

Clarins On The Lips | Sheela Writes

Finally, we have what Clarins touts as the crème de la crème of blushes, the Multi-Blush Cream Blush for both cheeks and lips.  I’m using the Rose ($30).  I’ll come right out and admit I really really REALLY do not fancy this shade but the product itself??  It’s epic.  It really is.  A cream that dries to a smooth, milky, powdery finish.  Truly lovely.  And the colour’s completely in your hands to control, dictate intensity vis-à-vis the number of times you dab it on your lips, on your cheeks.  You decide.

I think I would’ve fared much better with either the Rosewood or the Peach, both of which are already in my cart.  Shhh #nojudging

Clarins On The Lips | Sheela Writes

So there you have it.  My honest to goodness take on four brand spanking new offerings from Clarins, for our pouts this Spring.  Ahhhh.  I need a good stretch.  Trying on make-up can be so exhausting.

All in the name of research, of course.

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by eve

I link up here.

With gratitude to Clarins for the products. My opinion remains, as always, mine.


  1. robjodiefilogomo says

    Now what a great idea for the color to be both blush & lipstick. And I would have never tried it if you hadn’t said it was so good, because it seems strange? I’ve never tried Clarins before this—hmmmm!!
    I used to only have the brown lipsticks (they made my teeth look whiter) and the rose lipsticks in my drawer—-but it’s been wonderful to venture out and try them all (although I’m still lacking if you compare my collection to yours)! jodie


    • There’s nothing I gravitate towards more in the beauty aisle than the lipstick displays. They’re my siren song. The flame to my moth tendencies. I cannot lie. Have you tried subscribing to Choix? It’s fabulous way to explore new shades without having to commit to purchasing full tubes. Give it a go? xoxo


      • robjodiefilogomo says

        Funny…I just did a post on Choix—it’s such a great idea and service!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’m a big fan of red. Bright red. Dark red. Blood red. All manner of red shades. I go weak in the knees for them 🙂


  2. Yes I did go woah! but I can see why you like lipstick. Love lipstick. The shades you choose with your skintone are perfect and I really love the red and springy pink look you are sharing. I do the same thing, use a cream blush as a lipstick. Very nice. Do you blend shades? I suppose you dont need to.. but you look great in these!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx


    • I do actually, blend shades, not very often though, yes, in part because of the sheer numbers I need to go through for review purposes. And in part also because there’s truly a shade for everyone these days. I was just telling Jodie about Choix, have you tried it?


  3. My mother would claim to be naked if she didn’t have lipstick on and one of her first criticisms upon first seeing me would be “why don’t you have any lipstick on?” And don’t get me started on her routine for putting on lipstick. thank you for sharing your love of lipstick on the Powers the Flower link-up.


    • Your mother sounds quite a lot like mine, Rena 🙂 no matter how tired she was or even if it was a mere trip to the grocery, she’d never be seen without her lipstick. And I adore that she’s passed the mentality onto me, i.e., there is never a moment to look like something the cat dragged in xoxo


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