Day: 18 Mar, 2016

Perfectly Flawed + A Link-Up

Perfectly Flawed + A Link-Up

We’re all perfectly flawed mortals In search of enlightenment.   That we are. We have dents.  We have bruises a-plenty.  There are chinks in our armour and cracks in our wall.  And I’m quite certain most of us have used up a lifetime’s worth of metaphorical band-aids trying to patch those cuts.  Yet whilst our flaws and imperfections are what make us, us, they don’t define us.  Neither do they determine the paths we choose.  The quote above?  I overheard it from an episode of Madam Secretary, and it struck such a chord with me.  So much that I thought I might share a little of my personal life choices, and how they’ve shaped me (for better or for worse). At the end of it, I hope you’ll come to see just how utterly flawed I am, and yet, still stitched held (if somewhat tenuously) together by nothing but the best and purest of intentions. PERFECTLY FLAWED MORTALS IN SEARCH OF ENLIGHTENMENT I grew up in a very strict environment.  Irrationally so because, at the …