Day: 28 Mar, 2016

The Fab 40s In Florals | Sheela Writes

The Fab 40s In Florals

I used to believe I wasn’t much of a floral person   It’s a smidge hard to sell that line these days when this post represents my third, consecutive no less, featuring me in a cornucopia of flora and bloom and blossom. I’ve been a walking flower garden and taken it down a petal or two. But what’s irrefutable is that I can no longer lay claim to being a non floral person. That card is clearly off the table. In true Sheela form, I’ve migrated from the dark side and leapt over to where the sun never goes to bed; yellow brick roads zig zag here there and everywhere; and flowers actually do talk. In fact, they’re rather sassy, they often give lip, and they’re certainly nowhere near being on a wall. Instead, they’re plastered on clothes and embellishing shoes and adorning lapels and prettying up one’s tresses.  One could surmise that flowers (much like love and money and sliced bread) can move mountains and make the world go round. Perhaps what’s ringing truer …