Day: 30 Mar, 2016

Of Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela Writes

Of Backseat Wiggling

I’m serious. Brollies. Wiggle Wiggle.   No matter how much you’ve prepped, you’re never completely ready for that first location shoot.  I don’t care how the populars make it appear smooth and effortless because it really isn’t.  There’s the issue of changing in the backseat of your car, with non tinted windows and peak hour traffic zooming by.  Forget about the gawking when you’re struggling with stubborn zippers and buttons that refuse to co-operate.  Privacy is non-existent.  Even if your oh so pretty polka dotted Moschino umbrella is opened to supposedly shield you.  And never mind the wolf-whistling when you realise all that sweating was for naught because your top is inside out #thestruggleisreal LOCATION SHOOTS AREN’T FOR THE FAINT OF HEART Nor for the weak of bladder. Of which I am guilty. Thus explains that look of concentration on my face in these photos.  I’m trying to sashay and strut whilst ignoring the people who were driving past and staring (some waved, some hooted, others made clucking sounds, what gives), and praying to any …