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Of Backseat Wiggling

Of Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela Writes

I’m serious.

Brollies. Wiggle Wiggle.


No matter how much you’ve prepped, you’re never completely ready for that first location shoot.  I don’t care how the populars make it appear smooth and effortless because it really isn’t.  There’s the issue of changing in the backseat of your car, with non tinted windows and peak hour traffic zooming by.  Forget about the gawking when you’re struggling with stubborn zippers and buttons that refuse to co-operate.  Privacy is non-existent.  Even if your oh so pretty polka dotted Moschino umbrella is opened to supposedly shield you.  And never mind the wolf-whistling when you realise all that sweating was for naught because your top is inside out #thestruggleisreal


Of Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela WritesOf Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela WritesOf Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela Writes

Nor for the weak of bladder.

Of which I am guilty.

Thus explains that look of concentration on my face in these photos.  I’m trying to sashay and strut whilst ignoring the people who were driving past and staring (some waved, some hooted, others made clucking sounds, what gives), and praying to any god within earshot that there’d be no mad dashing to fertilise nearby plants.

Of Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela WritesOf Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela Writes

Internal plumbing aside, this shoot was challenging interesting an eye-opener.

I’ve learned a few things from stripping and dressing in the backseat of my car, things you might very well already know, but in case you don’t, I’m going to share them with you now.

Of Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela Writes

(1) If you’re like me and prefer to change lipstick colours with each outfit, I suggest using only matte colours.  That guarantees zero streaks across the face on blustery days.  Also, I prefer to start with the palest shade as it allows me to layer colours.  Why not just remove the lipstick? Well, the problem with that is tri-fold. You’re bound to leave smudges around the lips. There’s no way you can remove it completely unless facial wipes are involved which means you’ll also be removing some of the base make-up (or foundation if that’s your poison). And if it’s a long shoot, I guarantee your lips will be puffy, red and raw after several rounds of vigorous wiping.  Hardly appealing.

(2) Separate garments and accessories into one bag per outfit.  Don’t be like me, and think it clever to fit everything into a single bag.  Even if you’ve stacked them sequentially, all bets are off as you rummage and hunt, in the harried confinements of your backseat. Divide and conquer your shoot.

(3) Bring a clip or tie to get hair out of the way as you change.  Batting the hair out of your eyes while simultaneously navigating skinny jeans as you rain drops of sweat is simply not fun.  Oh and comfy slippers or flats are a must for in-between shoots.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much pain I avoided for feet and knees.

(4) Unless you own a battery-operated handheld steamer, opt for clothes that don’t crease and come with minimal fasteners, zippers and/or buttons.  Note to self re the last point.  Keep those complicated numbers to when you’re shooting closer to home.

(5) And lastly, rather than spruce make-up as you go along, I prefer blotting tissues to get those oily bits off.  The more make-up you pile on, the more caked and fake you look, and we don’t want to be mistaken for Kimmy, now do we?  If the shine is really bad, blot first then a light dusting of loose powder ought to do it. I’m not a big fan of mist sprays because they can leave watermarks on the face due to your existing foundation/base.

Of Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela WritesOf Umbrellas & Backseat Wiggling | Sheela Writes


So that’s my story.  The adventures of Sheela on her first ever location shoot.  And how she lived to tell the tale.

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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  1. robjodiefilogomo says

    I remember changing clothes when I was a kid to be able to to go from school to gymnastics!! I can’t quite imagine it with such positive thoughts as an older adult!
    But if we do end up trying it (doubtful, but never say never)—that’s a brilliant idea of a separate bag for each outfit!!
    And again with the shoes—are they shoedazzle? jodie


    • Ahhhh, way ahead of the rest of us, Jodie 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever EVER had to change in the car up until now so you can imagine my trepidation!!! Never say never, Jodie. A few months back, I’d have said I’d never step outside my home for a shoot and look at me now GRIN xoxo

      p/s yup, ShoeDazzle 🙂


    • Thank you so much!! I love the idea behind your blog, a lot. A mesh of different minds and creative spirits, coming together in one common bond 🙂


  2. Oh Lord. Been there done that. During a massive heat wave where the humidity was 300%.

    I feel for you. Plus kudos for putting on skinny jeans in the backseat of a hot car!

    I did learn early on (when I used to do this) to separate the outfits. I actually took photos of the outfits so I didn’t miss anything. Sometimes it helped, but sometimes I was just too hurried and frazzled.

    You don’t look frazzled at all…so big win!


    • I’m not looking forward to attempting this when it gets warmer. In fact, I doubt I’d stray anywhere there isn’t air-conditioning as temperatures soar. My Lupus gets triggered by exposure to the sun so I have to stay away 🙂


    • OMG I know precisely how you feel 🙂 but I had to do it because this particular location is too cool to not use, you know. One wall is yellow, another peach, a third grungy looking, and the fourth has a wire fencing with a staircase. Couldn’t say no!!


  3. Marta says

    On location shoots are not easy! I have to take my two small girls with me which makes it that much worse so that’s why I often opt for my backyard pics for now anyways. These pics came out great & I love the yellow and grey together!


    • Oh wow, Marta, my hat’s off to you then. I can barely keep up with just myself let alone having two tiny ones running around. I’m lucky these turned out decently because I know I wasn’t bringing my A game to the party with all the distractions around us that day 🙂


  4. I’m really loving this yellow and grey combo, Sheela! Those shoes are absolutely amazing and so is that cardigan. I also love how you paired that fab statement necklace with your flannel shirt. Thank so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!




    • Thanks so much, Jalisa. I’ve been in love with this particular colour combination ever since I saw one of the original Bratz dolls wearing an outfit in grey with yellow and touches of silver. Hey, inspiration comes from the most unexpected of places, eh 🙂 Happy Sunday to you, my friend xoxo


  5. I’ve yet to do a location shoot, or get a real photographer. My husband keeps telling me he’s not a photographer! A location shoot sounds daunting, but a lot of fun as well. And your photos are gorgeous! I love the grey and yellow combination. You look amazing!


    • My husband is not allowed to take my outfit pictures. Ever. Up until we found a professional photographer, my daughter was my shutterbug and even now, she still takes the occasional shot for me for when the unexpected post crops up 🙂 I’m actually embarking upon my second location shoot on the 9th and it’s even further away from home so expect loads of post traumatic syndrome stories coming up, Lili 🙂 xoxo


    • LOL thank you so much, Onyinye. This particular spot is an abandoned car repair show along the highway so neither eating outlets or malls anywhere in sight 🙂 xoxo


    • Ha!! Thank you, Rebecca, I certainly didn’t feel the least bit brave that day but thank the lord for sunglasses xoxo


  6. Haha … I love this! I just did a location shoot yesterday and … OMG … I couldn’t find a bathroom and my last set of pics I look like I’m in pain. LOL. And duh, why didn’t bring another outfit? I’ll try that. Oh and the worst … people going by and giving you weird looks. It totally breaks my concentration. And would you believe I actually got “caught” by someone I know driving by? They yelled out the windows ‘hey, it that Dawn .. taking pictures … of herself?!” …. What a day.

    Dawn Lucy


    • OMG Dawn!!! Getting recognised would be the ultimate nail in my coffin hahaha poor you 🙂 I’m glad you can laugh it off. I think I’d be utterly mortified and call in sick the next day xoxo


  7. I can totally relate, Sheela! I go through this every shoot I do. I change frequently in the car while heading to our next location! It’s so funny! Thanks for sharing your story! You looks to lovely, and fierce! Love your necklace, babe!
    Wishing you a Happy Weekend!!
    xoxo, Vanessa


    • Hahaha you are SO much braver, Vanessa. Since that pilgrim location shoot, I’ve stayed close to home so I wouldn’t need to engage in further backseat wiggling GRIN happy weekend to you too, babe xoxo


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