Day: 1 Apr, 2016

The Race & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

The Race & A Link-Up

Life is no longer just a game, It’s a frenzied race to the finish line.   A neverending paper chase, if you will.  Humans on a perpetual hamster wheel.  In search of greener pastures.  Better horizons.  Light at the end of that tunnel.  Take your pick.  How much is enough?  When does the cup start to look half full?  Where do we draw the line between ambition and greed? Do you know? I CERTAINLY DON’T We hustle and we strive, and we put our noses close to the grindstone.  So close we forget to look up and around ever so often.  And I often wonder to what end.  Life has become such a rat race, a form of profound competition wherein we’re prone to (over)compensating our emotional losses with material achievements. We’ve become the modern definition of slaves.  A slave to our deadlines.  A slave to our goals.  To societal expectations.  Money.  To a certain lifestyle. And now, let me put it to you that the harsh reality of things means it requires far more …