Day: 8 Apr, 2016

Silence & A Link-Up

Silence & A Link-Up

Not a creature was stirring, No, not even a mouse.   It’s been awfully quiet in Sheela land of late.  In fact, I’ve not written a single blog post since last Friday, and no, it’s not a delayed April Fool’s day gag.  The statute of limitations on that one ran out a clear week ago.  I’ve had the oddest three weeks.  First, a stubborn bout of bronchitis which ran its course until last weekend.  Then on Sunday night, the funniest (read: weird) thing happened.  My skin started to hurt.  Like burnt skin.  Raw.  Torturous to the touch. I DID SAY IT WAS WEIRD Imagine needing to heed the call of nature.  You laugh but trust me, it was excruciating.  I started drinking less in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom all too often but that only worked up to a point.  I had to walk around the house in my birthday suit (when no one else was around, of course) because each time fabric touched my skin, I wanted to …