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The Fab 40s In Pleats

Blush. And Pleats.

Words you wouldn’t associate with me.


That being said, I’ve had many a sartorial cherry popped on the blog in recent months.  There was the affair with florals (a recurring affair, mind you).  And a sporadic dalliance with denim, headlining a post or threeShift dresses, they too have been making the odd appearance on my dance card. So it ought not come as all that much of a shock to (1) witness the debut of a new motif here; (2) be privy to Sheela attempting something completely out of her comfort zone, yet again; and (3) listen to me write in the third person for the umpteenth time GRIN

What can I say?

I’m nothing if not (somewhat) predictable.

The Fab 40s In Pleats | Sheela Writes

In the spirit of predictability, I’ve embraced pleats with heart and soul.

Mind you, I have genuflected upon the tabernacle of Issey Miyake since I was, hmmm, 7 years old, completely enamoured of his deft hand with fabric.  Implicitly infatuated with his seemingly magical way of fashioning silhouettes that defied logic, gravity and the norm.  He is, after all, master of the new pleat – a method which allowed for both flexibility of movement for the wearer as well as ease of care and production.  Single-handedly reinventing the pleat industry.


The Fab 40s In Pleats | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s In Pleats | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s In Pleats | Sheela Writes

Once I got past the initial (petrified terrified petrified) stage, I was raring to go.  And thankful.  Yes, thankful, because I found unearthed this exquisite pleated number from the chaotic troves known as my wardrobe.  Apparently, I’ve had it for the longest time but, of course, forgot its existence.  Which, it would seem, is rather the norm where my clothes and I are concerned.

Want to know a secret?

The blush slip dress?  It was initially intended for a completely different project wherein gold was the theme, i.e., it’d play second fiddle to that stunning leather jacket I’ve got on.  However, when I saw the photos, I (clearly) had a change of heart.  You, slip dress, you take centrestage as you oh so rightly deserve.

The Fab 40s In Pleats | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s In Pleats | Sheela Writes

You with those delicate cascades of pleats, and that charming asymmetrical hemline.  Such an unexpected visual treat.  And the colour.  Ooh the colour.  To think I purchased the Pantone 2016 Colour Of The Year in 2014.  Pats shoulder.  I’ve never been one to feign coyness.  Cough.  So here we have it, Sheela’s rendition of pleats, to meet the gauntlet as thrown by Diane (admittedly, I was in despair at first, thinking, “Why, Diane, why why why?”).  That’s all water under the bridge now.

I’m certain you’ll agree with me that each and every single one of the Fab 40s completely outdid herself this month.  Such a visual treat.  There are solids and prints, classics and edgy, and everything in between.  Take a look.  You be the judge.  Let the parade of pretty ladies in pleats commence.

Trust Ann to create something so sassy and fun.  The flirty pleated skirt.  Those spunky sunnies.  And have you seen her Star Wars sneakers??  This woman could wear a paperbag and make it look like the coolest thing to ever walk the planet.

Kremb de la Kremb

Dawn, you’ve truly upped the ante with this vampy, gorgeous number.  Such a difference from the pastel prints and bohemian layers I’ve grown rather accustomed to.  And isn’t that the point though?  To keep the surprises coming?

Fashion Should Be Fun

Here’s the woman responsible for introducing me to pleats, Diane.  Look at how deliciously charming her top is.  All that pleated glory in Sky Blue with Red, providing a vibrant contrast against those leather pants.

Fashion On The Fourth Floor

I adore Jennie.  She has an immaculate way of putting pieces together to create completely fresh looks and that’s simply, well, refreshing.  Take the crisp button-down with her adorable knife pleated skirt.  Again, refreshing.

A Pocketful of Polka Dots

When it comes to dresses, the crown goes to Mary.  She has them in all lengths and styles, and her is definitely the one I covet most this month.  From the print to the colours and how beautifully flattering that silhouette is.  Sigh.

Curly Byrdie Chirps

What a vision of delight Sam is.  That wispy top sets her figure and complexion and fiery personality off to perfection, wouldn’t you say?  I’m particularly fond of those little accents of red.  Pop, pop, pop.

Fake Fabulous

Oh oh oh.  Time for our guest blogger!!!  Meet Yvonne of Funky Forty.  Mosey over there and you’ll instantly see how apt that name is for this lady’s blog.  She exudes an irrepressible air of joy, of living life to its absolute fullest.  And it’s clear how that trickles into her style.  Zesty.  Fun.  Ever so likeable.  Honestly,  I can’t quite take my eyes off all her pictures.  Yvonne makes every outfit come alive, and that’s a true gift.

Funky Forty

And a final look at my outfit.  Why?  Well, because I think it’s rather nice?  I’m not always fond of the outfits I put together, feeling more affection for some than others but this one?  This one, I quite love.

The Fab 40s In Pleats | Sheela Writes

Vegan Gold Leather Jacket (Charter Club) | Blush Cami Dress (Lush) | Lace & Leather Leggings (Zara) | Blush Leather Granny Purse (LeiC) | Swarovski Booties (Bakers)


Would you wear them too?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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  1. Oh Sheela, I adore the way you have written up this post and your pictures look adorable – your pleated dress is amazing.

    Must admit though am blushing because of the lovely things you wrote about me – thanks – hehe.

    Was super nice joining this month.

    Yvonne XO


  2. I am so thrilled to see this spectacular look up close. All of the little details are positive perfection. Your first photo showing the back of this blush slip dress and beautiful purse just took my breath away. So gorgeous. You owned this challenge, Sheela. 🙂


  3. robjodiefilogomo says

    You do have quite a way with words Sheela, and even more so with clothes!
    But what you are wearing is furthest from my mind’s rendition of pleats! Now Jennie’s pleats are what I’d consider the detail described—but yours? Yours is almost art in itself! Something a princess might wear (a naughty princess at that, since there’d be a lot of leg showing!!)
    Stunning really!


  4. Sheela, this is the most outrageously beautiful item of your wardrobe yet. Send it to me right now! If it’s been languishing out of sight for so long, you really won’t miss it. I will love it for all its blushness, its pleatedness, it’s completely unique, over-the-top whooshiness. Oh, pleeeeeease, just send it to me and I will love it forever. You do, of course, look divine in the whole ensemble. Faultless as ever, each element is perfectly put together to create true harmony – the master at work as usual. I applaud you x


  5. I do love the pleats on you and yes everyone of the fab 40s did an amazing job with her outfit. it’s so lovely to see pleats, such a classy detail in an outfit.


  6. Dear Sheela,

    I quite like this look of yours too. Yes, Sam is etheral, and so are you Dear Sheela. What a wonderful fluid top in such a precious color. And of course, your edge is there with gold leather, skinny jeans and heels. You ROCK basically.

    Another thing that should be commented on is your amazing writing. I’m always left enraptured. You’ve got such a way with words. What a talent to spin a tale about a set of pleats. Your writing astonishes me and leaves me wanting more.

    Bravo X 2–or and one more for starting The Fab 40s!! We are getting so utterly fabulous aren’t we!!

    Love, Annie


  7. That dress is fit for a queen, and thus perfect for you! What an incredible dress with so many beautiful details! You wear it like no one else could!


  8. I so love this project and seeing everyone’s interpretation of a theme! All of you have put together fabulous outfits!

    I totally love your dress! (I’ve seen it for a few days now but never had a chance to comment…). I know the color would totally wash me out, but I have fantasies of wearing it… And I’m just glad I’m not the only one who forgets she has things in her closet… 🙂

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


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