Day: 27 Apr, 2016

The Mainstream Predicament | Sheela Writes

The Mainstream Predicament

Go commercial? Or stay unapologetically me?   Remember when I talked about chronic self-exposure and that sea of clones which appears to be sweeping over every social media platform in sight?  Washing clear away, for the most part, what was once treasured and precious.  That crazy little thing called individuality? A RARE COMMODITY THESE DAYS At this point, I’ll just come clean and say confess something which most of us are more than likely already thinking.  ‘Fess up, now. That in as much as I profess a healthy dislike for how many are looking (ever so similar) on social media, I crave the numbers they’re pulling in.  I really, really do.  I envy them.  I want what they have in terms of their partnerships with brands.  The collaborations.  The fame.  Does that make me sound like a whiny bitch? Well, yes, but hey, I’m honest 🙂 Within that same post, I also wrote about bloggers and their styles.  How I’m seeing the same palette.  Identical outfits even sometimes.  I can fully appreciate why brands prefer …